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Create Unique Instagram Stories with These Three Applications

Create Unique Instagram Stories with These Three Applications

Can you imagine your day without checking your friends’ Instagram Stories? Personally, we can’t. A modern man starts his day with a cup of coffee while checking into Instagram to see what’s new among his friends. A unique attractive Instagram Story is able to not only set good mood among your followers but also make them remember you. This is a feature that every Instagram brand should always keep in mind. Stories are the ideal marketing tool to use for selling your brand story quicker and in a far more creative way. And if you find you need some help to fulfill your Story ideas, this post is just for you. InstaBF is a popular provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views you can trust whenever you want to raise your engagement rate on Gram. The service offers several affordable packages to suit any client’s needs. But besides this, we are engaged in delivering some useful and interesting content to our clients. We have already referred to creating Instagram Stories here on InstaBF’s blog, and now we have picked up three applications you can use to create exclusive Stories! So, let’s get down to work:





Collages have been on trend since they were first introduced to social media users. And if you want to get creative with particularly collages, this application is a perfect choice! The app has a wide stock of free and paid templates to choose from. You can add them to both photos and videos and post via Instagram Stories. The content can still be filtered (the intensity adjusted), text added and a background edited. There is also a block of pre-selected colors, patterns, and gradients in the MADE application. But if you wish something picky, have a look at the color picker. Once everything is to your heart’s content, share the result directly on Instagram or save to your camera roll.





Static images are good but they sometimes become boring, don’t you agree with it? To add some movement to them and post as Instagram Stories, InstaBF suggests considering the HYPE TYPE application. This is a real world of animated text graphics. If you have your own text, fill in. If not, the application will offer random quotes. The variety of animated test types that’s available already with a series of pre-selected color palettes flatters the eye. Add thematic music, resize the image and post on Instagram as a Story. 





Are you fond of videos and video Stories in particular? If yes, then Impresso is definitely the best choice for you. The application has grouped over a hundred videos by size and category so that you can find the best one for you easily. There are paid and free videos, both of which can be filtered and edited (background, text, etc.). The background is chosen from either your camera roll or Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels stock images. It gives you a unique chance to add music and animations to get truly awesome and original results in the end. You can resize your video to post on almost any social media platform including Instagram. 

The Best Application for Making Original Instagram Quotes

The Best Application for Making Original Instagram Quotes

Quite frequently we come across an interesting sight, let that be a nature sight, an animal’s funny facial expression, an odd sight in the street, etc., which inspires us to think broader. We take the picture and hurry to post it on Instagram with some related content as a caption. We express clever thoughts on the meaning of sights and experiences but forget that we can take it even further – post the image and the thoughts via a quote. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And if you felt tempted but can’t make out how to create your own quotes, you will find the necessary information here, on InstaBF’s blog. This is one of the leading Instagram and IGTV providers you can trust whenever you need. 

So, here are several most useful Instagram Text Apps that will help you make inspiring quotes.





This browser tool makes it possible to create images with overlaid quotes to post on Instagram. In fact, it’s very easy to use. Just upload a picture (if you have one) or choose from the app’s stock background photos; type the quote you have thought of; make the necessary adjustments including the text size, font, color, formatting. All that’s left to do then is generating the image and downloading it. 

P.S. There’s no watermark in the corner of the created images.





Canva is a multi-purpose application that works on desktop, Android and iOS devices. However, the mobile application that comes with amazing pre-made templates, make it an ideal tool for creating Insta quotes. Here you can also draft flyers, banners, cards, posts of any size and shape as it literally has hundreds of fantastic backgrounds. You can also use your own images, while the choice of fonts extends to hundreds! 





This is another browser tool that makes making quotes an easy and fun process. It involves only two separate processes – choosing a background from the ready-made themes and typing the quote. After downloading the created image, you can post it anywhere you wish including Instagram. 

Perhaps the only downside of this tool is the big watermark that appears on the bottom center of every image. However, if the design you have chosen permits, you can crop the mark and make your image quote look perfect! 



Word Swag


This Android and iOS application is listed in the top 100 apps in iTunes. With the app, you can create edgy images with quotes. The biggest advantage of this application is the special typing engine it uses. The latter offers fresh quote designs depending on the background image you have chosen. With a huge base of image and quote options (thousands), as well as around 50 font styles, Word Swag promises to help you make truly one-of-a-kind Instagram quote-images!





Text2Pic is an iOS and Android application that is distinguished for a couple of advantages. First of all, it has the broadest range of font formatting and style options that involve shadowing and 3D capabilities that bring a unique effect to any quote. The next benefit is the auto-connection to Instagram for seamless uploading and posting. 

The only downside worth mentioning is the fact the application doesn’t let users post their own images as background photos. Anyway, you shouldn’t worry about this as the app suggests a wide range of background options to select from. 

Third-Party Applications to Raise Your Instagram Game

Third-Party Applications to Raise Your Instagram Game

Much like Facebook, Instagram has moved to algorithmic feed. Therefore, generating more impressive content (the accent is on the photos and videos) becomes a significant issue. And if Instagram provides quite wonderful editing features and built-in filters, sometimes they seem to be not enough for achieving the desired results. If you need a powerful third-party application to seriously raise your Instagram game, you are welcome to InstaBF’s post! Right now we are going to draw your attention to several most powerful and at the same time safe apps to boost your Insta engagement. However, prior to passing to them, we are sure you would like to get a closer look at our special offer – a package of likes, comments, and followers. Order as many of them at a cheap price as you need. Be certain, all profiles are real-looking and won’t cause any suspicion to your account.


BLACK and Camera Noir for Unique Black-And-White Photos

Do you remember the black-and-white filter of Instagram called Gotham? Yes, it was later substituted by other filters such as Inkwell and Moon (only for videos). Neither are of the same quality as Gotham. And if you are a fan of noir photographs and are in a search of a decent application, even if it’s a third-party one, the iOS-only app BLACK is a wonderful choice! The curve tool of the application allows regulating contrasts and tones, while the fade tool can twist shadows. Even though the application is free, the enhanced editing filters will cost an extra fee ($0.99).

Another effective tool for black-and-photos Camera Noir is offered at the price $2.99 and is compatible with Apple devices.


Perfect365 and FaceTune for Perfect Selfies

Do you find your selfies need some improvement to attract followers? If yes, and your smartphone filers don’t satisfy you, we are glad to recommend using the FaceTune (costs $3.99) and Perfect365 (free of charge) applications designed for both Android and iOS devices. In fact, both are amazing tools for airbrushing and smoothing your skin, resizing your face features and even whitening your feet on photographs. You are sure to love your Instagram selfies more with either of them.


Hyperlapse and Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile for Time-Lapses

With absolutely no doubt, these two applications are the bests for those who intend to create time-lapses in their photos to post on Instagram. The first app is iOS based one, while the second app is compatible with Android devices, too. They can successfully speed up/down videos, while the image-stabilization is more than simply decent. By implementing your smartphones gyroscope, the applications can measure and eliminate any shaky frames thus providing perfectly smooth results!


Enlight and Giphy Cam for Extraordinary Photos/Videos

Instagram is a broad platform to express all kinds of emotions! And if you find your followers mostly love your somewhat silly or extraordinary posts, it’s definitely worth to make use of Enlight or Giphy Cam applications. The applications serve as photo editors that can turn any photo into a marvelous modern piece of art!