Best Applications for Creating Animated Instagram Stories

Best Applications for Creating Animated Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a grandiose way of boosting brand awareness and attracting new followers. The more interesting and unique your Stories are the higher your chances of success will be. And animated Instagram Stories appear just awesome. Such eye-catching content is on trend currently. Do you wonder how you can create them? By the way, you don’t have to own a professional camera or hurry a design team for creating animated Gram Stories. With your bright imagination and a proper application (there are multiple apps for creating Stories available), you will get your freshly animated Story within a few clicks. InstaBF, your unique means of raising Instagram and IGTV engagement, is ready to show you how you can create a fantastic Story animation. Flashy and eye-catching animated Stories are more likely to stop your followers to watch them. Fortunately, there are many applications available today that you can use. So, you can do that right from your smartphone. Just keep your excitement high and your eyes on this article. 



Life Lapse for Stop-Motion Stories


Life Lapse is a wonderful application you can use to create top quality stop motion videos just from your gadget. Besides, it has easy tutorials that guide through the entire process. In fact, the application allows creating videos ten times faster with a simple smartphone than a pro editing software or an expensive camera can! Additionally, the application also comes packed with filters, a diversity of speeds, stock music. The interval timer, meanwhile, helps to get the right timing for your videos. It’s available for iOS devices completely free.



Enlight Pixaloop Will Bring Motion to Your Images


Pixaloop, developed by Lightricks, can easily bring an element of surprise to any static image by adding movement. Using it is so easy, but if you feel uncertain, here is a brief guide:

  • Place arrows to designate the motion in the photo;
  • In order to eliminate the speed in the animated area, add anchors.


You see, there’s absolutely nothing difficult in using the application. It just requires some practice. Pixaloop is available on iOS devices. 



StoryBoost for Seamless Gram Stories


If you have a stock of images or footage and want to transform them into videos, StoryBoost is the application you need. It comes packed with a myriad of story page templates, as well as custom transitions that make sharing multiple short videos seamlessly. So, tapping forward, your followers will view a single and connected story. The application also has GIFs, stickers, and fonts that make image customization an easy thing. It’s available for iOS smartphones. 



Adobe Spark for Creating Animated Graphics


If you plan to create animated graphics without having any design experience, Adobe Spark can be handy. The app is packed with multiple stock images free of charge, filters, and fonts. Adobe Spark will help you add a touch of animation to a photo or even a text. It’s completely free and easy to use on both iOS and Android devices. 

Ten Instagram Time Savers for Your Brand Part Two

Ten Instagram Time Savers for Your Brand Part Two

Time is precious and knowing its worth is especially important for an Instagram brand owner. In our previous post, we opened such an important topic as how to save time and manage your business productively. Today we are going to continue it and reveal the last steps. Before that, we’d like to remind that you can order Instagram and IGTV likes, views, comments, and followers on beneficial conditions from InstaBF, a service you can trust anytime you need!



Batch Your Content


Once you have your content planned and created, posting it becomes the next step. Batch it in case you want to leave space for spontaneity in your brand’s posts. For this, set up folders on your computer (the things must be ready to cut/copy and paste) with your scheduled Instagram content. If you rely on auto-posting third-party applications, it will be much more expedient to use them. Such apps allow changing the posting date if needed. You can also get push through notifications to assert your post to be published. 



Checking the Analytics


Do you think your content does not work as it should? If you have questions regarding promoting your posts, it’s worth having a look at the analytics. Particularly here you will find out whether you make posts at the right time or how efficient your captions are. Here you can compare your posts and find out particularly what works better your brand what should be eliminated. To access the analytics, go to the Insights, Content, See All and voila! You will have all your posts in chronologically descending order in terms of the success of the particular search parameter.  



Repurposing Instagram Content


Making your content work for you is much better than going on creating new whether they work or not. If you have a blog or a website, create a post for it. Then re-purpose it into smaller parts to make Instagram Stories of captions. And don’t forget to add links to your initial source. This will bring you more Instagram content and drive more traffic to your blog/website. If still actual, you can even use a year-old content. 



Getting a Working Funnel 


There must always be a funnel for those people who want to know more about your brand or, what’s better, buy/order a product from you. Besides that, you need to also provide an easy way toward it. This can be as simple as a Send Message button to move to the Messenger platform, or an active link in the bio to be redirected to your website. 



Just Do It! 


In some cases, the biggest block behind the lack of content on Instagram is of personal character. Brand owners use the lack of time as an excuse not to undertake any serious actions, while the reasons are not ground ones. Put aside your fear, your laziness and get to work. Re-frame any negative comments you get to use them to your brand’s benefit and always believe in yourself.



Implement Market Researches 


The best way of boosting your product/service sales is knowing beforehand what your audience wants to get. It will be so easy to convert Instagram followers into clients if you know how to suffice them. For this, make a deep research. That may include doing email surveys, asking questions on Instagram Stories, just personally asking those clients you know by face, etc. Remember, that all is about what your ideal customer wants!  

Ten Instagram Time Savers for Your Brand Part One

Ten Instagram Time Savers for Your Brand Part One

The time runs faster than we want. And once we lose the power of it, the day starts ruling us. This is a universal truth which is especially noticed when we are online. To help you manage your time on social media better, here are several time-saving tips to keep you up to date on top of Instagram! Here, in the blog of InstaBF, one of the most flexible and reliable providers of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers, you can always find helpful tips and recommendations on improving your Instagram experience. 

So, with all the things settled, it’s time to head to today’s tip addressed to managing time productively. 



Get a Business Plan


Without scheming a good business plan expect no success. Have a distinct answers to such important questions as what are your 3, 6, and 12-month goals, which holidays can be used in the favor of your brand, when and what type of products/services you need to release and advertise, etc. Having a distinct business plan is the basis of the entire game. Without knowing for sure your business objectives, you can’t play on Instagram. One doesn’t come without the other. 



Plan Instagram Strategy 


Before scheming Instagram content, a good strategy should be set. Don’t be afraid, you needn’t any intricate or technological strategy. It just needs to be functional enough to navigate all the flows and ebbs of your business. 

For instance, if there’s a particular time of year when you normally have a full bunch of clients, your Instagram strategy should be addressed to the brand awareness rather than acquiring new clients. When you don’t need any more leads, for now, you’d better keep your brand alive for those clients who are already following you. 



Plan the Content


A monthly overview of the content is what you should never avoid. You can even have a calendar of what you are posting each month. So, take some time each month to plan your content in advance. For instance, your monthly plan may include a new product release launch sequence, a series of educational posts, a blog, etc. 

The strategic “next step” content is designed to guide your viewers to the next step in doing business with you. The moment you have all the business goals set and a strategy built, pass on appropriate content – quotes, branding content, value, and entertaining posts, etc. All this together make your posts not only meaningful but also purposeful. Ideally, five strategically purposeful posts per week are better than randomly posted unlimited posts. 



Create the Content


Having a clear framework, you can immediately pass to the creation process. Set some time to sourcing or creating images, editing the content, writing the captions and blogs, creating offers/events, etc. Several third-party applications may come to help on this step. Most probably, the greatest part of the time is spent particularly on it. But once you have proceeded the first three steps successfully, content creation won’t be as time-consuming as you might expect. 

Create Unique Instagram Stories with These Three Applications

Create Unique Instagram Stories with These Three Applications

Can you imagine your day without checking your friends’ Instagram Stories? Personally, we can’t. A modern man starts his day with a cup of coffee while checking into Instagram to see what’s new among his friends. A unique attractive Instagram Story is able to not only set good mood among your followers but also make them remember you. This is a feature that every Instagram brand should always keep in mind. Stories are the ideal marketing tool to use for selling your brand story quicker and in a far more creative way. And if you find you need some help to fulfill your Story ideas, this post is just for you. InstaBF is a popular provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views you can trust whenever you want to raise your engagement rate on Gram. The service offers several affordable packages to suit any client’s needs. But besides this, we are engaged in delivering some useful and interesting content to our clients. We have already referred to creating Instagram Stories here on InstaBF’s blog, and now we have picked up three applications you can use to create exclusive Stories! So, let’s get down to work:





Collages have been on trend since they were first introduced to social media users. And if you want to get creative with particularly collages, this application is a perfect choice! The app has a wide stock of free and paid templates to choose from. You can add them to both photos and videos and post via Instagram Stories. The content can still be filtered (the intensity adjusted), text added and a background edited. There is also a block of pre-selected colors, patterns, and gradients in the MADE application. But if you wish something picky, have a look at the color picker. Once everything is to your heart’s content, share the result directly on Instagram or save to your camera roll.





Static images are good but they sometimes become boring, don’t you agree with it? To add some movement to them and post as Instagram Stories, InstaBF suggests considering the HYPE TYPE application. This is a real world of animated text graphics. If you have your own text, fill in. If not, the application will offer random quotes. The variety of animated test types that’s available already with a series of pre-selected color palettes flatters the eye. Add thematic music, resize the image and post on Instagram as a Story. 





Are you fond of videos and video Stories in particular? If yes, then Impresso is definitely the best choice for you. The application has grouped over a hundred videos by size and category so that you can find the best one for you easily. There are paid and free videos, both of which can be filtered and edited (background, text, etc.). The background is chosen from either your camera roll or Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels stock images. It gives you a unique chance to add music and animations to get truly awesome and original results in the end. You can resize your video to post on almost any social media platform including Instagram. 

The Best Application for Making Original Instagram Quotes

The Best Application for Making Original Instagram Quotes

Quite frequently we come across an interesting sight, let that be a nature sight, an animal’s funny facial expression, an odd sight in the street, etc., which inspires us to think broader. We take the picture and hurry to post it on Instagram with some related content as a caption. We express clever thoughts on the meaning of sights and experiences but forget that we can take it even further – post the image and the thoughts via a quote. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And if you felt tempted but can’t make out how to create your own quotes, you will find the necessary information here, on InstaBF’s blog. This is one of the leading Instagram and IGTV providers you can trust whenever you need. 

So, here are several most useful Instagram Text Apps that will help you make inspiring quotes.





This browser tool makes it possible to create images with overlaid quotes to post on Instagram. In fact, it’s very easy to use. Just upload a picture (if you have one) or choose from the app’s stock background photos; type the quote you have thought of; make the necessary adjustments including the text size, font, color, formatting. All that’s left to do then is generating the image and downloading it. 

P.S. There’s no watermark in the corner of the created images.





Canva is a multi-purpose application that works on desktop, Android and iOS devices. However, the mobile application that comes with amazing pre-made templates, make it an ideal tool for creating Insta quotes. Here you can also draft flyers, banners, cards, posts of any size and shape as it literally has hundreds of fantastic backgrounds. You can also use your own images, while the choice of fonts extends to hundreds! 





This is another browser tool that makes making quotes an easy and fun process. It involves only two separate processes – choosing a background from the ready-made themes and typing the quote. After downloading the created image, you can post it anywhere you wish including Instagram. 

Perhaps the only downside of this tool is the big watermark that appears on the bottom center of every image. However, if the design you have chosen permits, you can crop the mark and make your image quote look perfect! 



Word Swag


This Android and iOS application is listed in the top 100 apps in iTunes. With the app, you can create edgy images with quotes. The biggest advantage of this application is the special typing engine it uses. The latter offers fresh quote designs depending on the background image you have chosen. With a huge base of image and quote options (thousands), as well as around 50 font styles, Word Swag promises to help you make truly one-of-a-kind Instagram quote-images!





Text2Pic is an iOS and Android application that is distinguished for a couple of advantages. First of all, it has the broadest range of font formatting and style options that involve shadowing and 3D capabilities that bring a unique effect to any quote. The next benefit is the auto-connection to Instagram for seamless uploading and posting. 

The only downside worth mentioning is the fact the application doesn’t let users post their own images as background photos. Anyway, you shouldn’t worry about this as the app suggests a wide range of background options to select from.