Instagram Loops and Pods: Worth Using or Not?

Instagram Loops and Pods: Worth Using or Not?

InstaBF is a known platform for boosting one’s Instagram engagement by increasing the number of likes, comments, and followers. However, besides that, we are also all about helping our blog visitors to grow their authentic Insta audience strategically. And once you start thinking about how many different ways there are to attract new followers, you see that all the strategies for growing Instagram following are equally effective. If you have noticed this, too and wonder what steps to undertake to get palpable results, you are welcome to InstaBF’s blog. Right now we shall discuss two Instagram growth strategies you should know more about before trying them out. Be attentive, as each strategy we’ll examine has both pros an cons.  



Instagram Loops


This is a unique strategical way of increasing the number of followers that works for only a certain number of celebrities and influencers. Besides this, they should be cooperating with a certain brand. The latter promises a luxury prize for the winner of an Instagram loop who has completed all the instructions given by the brand or one of the influencers. These usually include following all the influencers stated in a definite list (from 40 to 70 accounts), liking and writing comments under their posts, tagging a certain number of friends in their posts. At first sight, there’s absolutely nothing difficult in this and plenty of Instagrammers will hurry to take a part in a loop giveaway. But is everything as simple as it seems? 

Actually, loop giveaways are responsible for generating as many as thousands of followers overnight. But what goes on once the giveaway ends and the prizes are all sent to their addressees? The “after-party” of a loop looks like a mass downward spike in attracted followers. That’s why most brands leverage the loop only for a strategic time (a product release, for instance). 

So, it’s true that the loss of potential new followers drops drastically for the account once the prizes are given away, yet this strategy is succeeded if the given purpose is achieved – a growth of audience, an increase of brand awareness, a boost of new sales, etc. 



Instagram Pods


An Insta Pod is an organized group of Insta users who interact with each other in messages either on the platform or off. A pod usually involves 10 to 15 users of the same industry who share new posts and engage with them organically so that they overcome the “smart yet scrupulous” Instagram algorithm and the latter keeps posts “invisible” unless they attract attention!

Accordingly, Instagram Pods are a unique strategy that helps users be certain their posts are liked, commented on and engaged in a more or less organic way (unlike bots). This type of strategy is not condoned by Instagram, yet aren’t strictly approached to either. The reason is that Pods are far more natural and bots since they mimic natural engagement. However, they have an effect on metrics and statistics, hence, before organizing an Instagram pod, it’s worth considering what’s more important at the moment. 


Creating an Efficient and Thriving Instagram Pod

Creating an Efficient and Thriving Instagram Pod

As we have learned from the previous post about Instagram Pods, these are effective means of increasing your Instagram engagement unless you use them properly. Now, let’s find out whether they are as safe as efficient, and how to create a really good Insta Pod to join.

Are Instagram Pods Safe to Use?

Undoubtedly, with the new algorithms of Instagram and Shadowbans, one is feared to undertake any new step. And if you are concerned whether joining a certain Pod may cause you problems, right now we shall offer you a way to avoid them.

If you have joined only one Pod and don’t show any activity beyond the Pod’s borders, this may trigger a red flag on Instagram. The service may consider you a bot and freeze your activities on the social network. Therefore, it’s advisable to join at least several Engagement Groups and interact with others on a regular basis, as well.

Additionally, for a safe use of Instagram Pods, the service encourages its users to stay away from groups with 1, 000+ members created on Telegram.

Creating Successful Instagram Pods

It’s crucial to be strategic when building up an Instagram Pod. And if you intend to build a thriving and strong Pod that will improve your and your Pod’s members’ engagement, stick to the several advice pieces we offer here:

  1. Choose only active members. You can find this out by checking the activity of their accounts.
  2. Choose only those members which have audiences similar to yours.
  3. Choose members living in the same or near time zones.
  4. Include all the members in the Pod to a DM group on Instagram. For this, find the “house” icon and click it. Then find the “plane” icon, then tap the “plus” icon to the right top. After this, you can already mention all your members’ names you want to include in the group.
  5. Make sure you have sent a welcome message to each of your Pod’s members with accurate guidelines. Don’t forget to state all the rules of your Pod including how many posts must be shared per day, how many photos should be liked and commented, etc.
  6. Keep track of your members’ activity in the Pod. If you find any member gets the shares and comments he/she needs but doesn’t respond appropriately, you can ask him/her to leave the group.
  7. Overestimate the effectiveness of your Instagram Pod on a daily basis. Once you have an inactive member or someone leaves the group, be alert to substitute them with new members.

An Instagram Pod is really a helpful tool for increasing the engagement of your Instagram account. And whether you create your own Pod and invite others, or intend to join an already existing Engagement group, it’s important to do it not for spamming your photos and getting extra likes, but for meeting new like-minded individuals. Work as one unit.

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Increasing Instagram Engagement with Pods

Increasing Instagram Engagement with Pods

It’s far not a secret that the continuously changing algorithms of Instagram result in the drop of users’ engagement. Desperate (or not so much) Instagrammers search ways to fight this and consider Instagram Pods a great tool for this. Pods are free of charge and easy to use. But do they really suit your account? Right now, we shall find out how to use Pods for your benefit. But before this, let InstaBF present its offer to you. This is a reputable service that offers likes, comments, views, and followers on an affordable basis. By applying to InstaBF, your account will be supplied with as many followers (real people) as you may wish! Do it now and get insured yourself!

What Instagram Pod Is

An Instagram Pod, or otherwise referred to as an Engagement Group, is a group of Instagram users, who are all committed to leaving comments on one another’s posts in an attempt to increase all members’ overall engagement. As a rule, a group can be composed of not more than fifteen members. Because of this strict limitation, some users have turned to creating Instagram Pods in an external application Telegram. Here, for instance, they can create such huge groups as with 3000+ members! At the first glance, this seems to be more beneficial, unless you turn up to commenting on the posts of many group members, while few give comments back.

How To Benefit from Instagram Pods

Depending on several factors, Instagram Pods may help an Instagrammer to gain impressive engagement or not. Here are the major points to pay special attention to:

  1. Get included in more than a few Pods
    Having joined only one engagement group won’t make much difference. Suppose, there are 15 members in the group, and each of your posts gets only extra 7 likes from them. Will that satisfy you? Definitely no! Hence, you’d better make a part of ten or even more groups for significant results.
  2. Join groups with similar target audiences
    Choosing the right Pod is crucial. If you join an Instagram Pod with members interested in the same thing, Instagram will take this as an algorithm and show your posts to the members’ followers in the suggested users feature or the explore page. Accordingly, the correctly picked up Instagram Pod will raise your chances to have your content exposed to your target audience more constantly.
  3. Choose Pods with the same time zone members
    Did you know that the first thirty minutes after you share a post determine whether the post will be successful or not? Instagram will rank your post higher in its algorithm and include it in the list of Top Posts according to the selected hashtags. Hence, you’d better make sure the members of your Instagram Pod live in the same time zone and are able to react to your posts promptly.

So, you see that by joining the right Instagram Pods, you may experience an impressive growth of engagement on your Instagram account. You can also build your own Pod and invite other users. How to do this? We shall disclose this in the next post!