It’s far not a secret that the continuously changing algorithms of Instagram result in the drop of users’ engagement. Desperate (or not so much) Instagrammers search ways to fight this and consider Instagram Pods a great tool for this. Pods are free of charge and easy to use. But do they really suit your account? Right now, we shall find out how to use Pods for your benefit. But before this, let InstaBF present its offer to you. This is a reputable service that offers likes, comments, views, and followers on an affordable basis. By applying to InstaBF, your account will be supplied with as many followers (real people) as you may wish! Do it now and get insured yourself!

What Instagram Pod Is

An Instagram Pod, or otherwise referred to as an Engagement Group, is a group of Instagram users, who are all committed to leaving comments on one another’s posts in an attempt to increase all members’ overall engagement. As a rule, a group can be composed of not more than fifteen members. Because of this strict limitation, some users have turned to creating Instagram Pods in an external application Telegram. Here, for instance, they can create such huge groups as with 3000+ members! At the first glance, this seems to be more beneficial, unless you turn up to commenting on the posts of many group members, while few give comments back.

How To Benefit from Instagram Pods

Depending on several factors, Instagram Pods may help an Instagrammer to gain impressive engagement or not. Here are the major points to pay special attention to:

  1. Get included in more than a few Pods
    Having joined only one engagement group won’t make much difference. Suppose, there are 15 members in the group, and each of your posts gets only extra 7 likes from them. Will that satisfy you? Definitely no! Hence, you’d better make a part of ten or even more groups for significant results.
  2. Join groups with similar target audiences
    Choosing the right Pod is crucial. If you join an Instagram Pod with members interested in the same thing, Instagram will take this as an algorithm and show your posts to the members’ followers in the suggested users feature or the explore page. Accordingly, the correctly picked up Instagram Pod will raise your chances to have your content exposed to your target audience more constantly.
  3. Choose Pods with the same time zone members
    Did you know that the first thirty minutes after you share a post determine whether the post will be successful or not? Instagram will rank your post higher in its algorithm and include it in the list of Top Posts according to the selected hashtags. Hence, you’d better make sure the members of your Instagram Pod live in the same time zone and are able to react to your posts promptly.

So, you see that by joining the right Instagram Pods, you may experience an impressive growth of engagement on your Instagram account. You can also build your own Pod and invite other users. How to do this? We shall disclose this in the next post!