Mind-Blowing Halloween Content Ideas for Your IG Account

Mind-Blowing Halloween Content Ideas for Your IG Account

One of the funniest and spookiest times of the year is Halloween (well, at least for those living in the western part of the world). And it’s definitely worth celebrating this amazing day with a chic and a huge portion of horror even on Instagram, isn’t it?! And if you have already started thinking about your Halloween costume, your treats or the club you’re going to spend the night it, it’s also worth considering transporting this celebration into your Instagram account, too. So, with this said, InstaBF, one of those rare IG and IGTV providers you can fully trust, is going to reveal 11 best Halloween content ideas to try out this Halloween. You can start right away!



Creating a Mood  

not take a photo in a pumpkin patch if you have one nearby? You needn’t dress like going to a Halloween party. Instead, opt for your favorite fall outfit and organize a photo session for you surrounded with plenty of pumpkins yet to pick up. Or, to appear a bit scary beforehand, you can move your photo session to a forest. The major conditions, in this case, will be taking a photo when it’s already or nearly dark, and… not being afraid to go to a forest when it’s already or nearly dark! Both types of photos are better to post at least several days before the day of Halloween just to create a mood.



Carousel Spooky Story


If you feel like creative, why not invest your mood into a scary Instagram story? For this, make use of various graphics and post them in an IG carousel. You will succeed with this, if you are a writer who can create a sort yet really thrilling scaring story, or you are an ordinary IG user who has a spooky story idea to share with his audience.



Get Something Spooky but Cutesy

Aren’t you a big fan of Halloween? Or perhaps you have no intention to scare your followers? In both cases, you can opt for something cutesy and at the same time Halloween themed.



Insta Stories Mini-Movie


The fact you can add music in IG Stories makes it possible to put together a series of fun or scary videos and make it look like a mini-movie. This can be your Halloween makeup tutorial, a collection of posters of your favorite horror movies, etc. Whatever it is, if the theme is of Halloween and supported with an appropriate background music, you are sure to get the Halloween party started right on Instagram.



Home Decor Inspiration

Do you love decorating your house appropriately for Halloween? Why not share the results with your followers?!



Movie Guide for Halloween


Do you consider yourself a big movie buff and have a wonderful collection of horror movies you’d like to share with your followers? Halloween is the best time to share a series of covers from your favorite movies as a recommendation.



Halloween Insta Giveaway


If you run your own brand on Instagram, Halloween is the best occasion to promote it through a giveaway. This can be a Starbucks gift card for several spiced pumpkin lattes or a coupon for a big sale on your branded Halloween-themed scarves. It doesn’t matter, just organize an appropriate contest and encourage your followers to participate with a luscious giveaway promise!



Halloween Makeup Look

An inseparable part of a Halloween outfit is the makeup. One simply can’t go past a freaky scary makeup look on this celebration. Why not share a tutorial or the mere result in a carousel post to your audience?!



Halloween Party Food Inspiration

Who can pass by tasty and Halloween-inspired treats?! There are multiple ideas you can repost or implement on your own to share with your followers in IG Stories!



Halloween Costumes

Do you feel awkward sharing your Halloween costume or want to save the secret up to the party time? Then why not share the funny costume of your pet?



Halloween Quotes


Using a Halloween quote on your Instagram feed is going to create the right atmosphere and predispose your followers to something more impressive, something grandiose! Quotes are multiple, use any you like incorporated into a graphic or used as a caption.

How You Can Create Instagram Content Calendar

How You Can Create Instagram Content Calendar

For leading an organized and well-structured Instagram account, it’s worth considering to have a social media content calendar. With the help of the latter, all your posts will be organized, you can control any promotions, collaborations, and marketing topics. Besides, this way you will get a big-picture overview of the marketing strategy you have been using on your brand. Indeed, it’s a bulky task to create a content calendar for the entire year, yet if you follow some tips InstaBF, one of the most popular Instagram and IGTV providers of the market, suggests, you will succeed in taking measured steps and making methodical decisions. Be certain, this will lead to a significant boost on your brand’s exposure, the number of your followers and even your brand’s sales.



The First Phase of Creating Instagram Content Calendar

The first step toward our goal is scheming a spreadsheet for posts. For this, you can choose such simple apps as Google Sheets or Excel. Create sections for every day of the whole year. To make this unwieldy job a bit funnier, add color pops to every day of the week.

Your next step should be looking for relevant events, holidays, customs, etc. This way you will know how to use those events to the benefit of your marketing campaign. However, it’s advisable to stay away from dates related to religion or politics. Surely, this mostly depends on the type of your audience.



Going Further

Now, when your calendar’s structure is clear, it’s time to focus on the content themes. Each should be determined with such facts taken into account as what your audience wants to see from you, what products you need to highlight, and when it is more expedient to make this or that post. Once you have a list of potential themes, insert each of them into your calendar organically, i.e. creating a healthy balance between posts that add value to your community, and those that sale products.

Afterward, narrow down your themes to topics. Here you can make use of special apps such as BuzzSumo that can help you find content that others share. For instance, if you choose to post weekend-related photos on Sundays, search for “weekend” in this application to detect the most shared headlines of your theme.

Anyway, despite this, make sure you have your own spin on the content you share, as authenticity is the key to success on Instagram.

Additionally, make certain the topics you choose coincide with the season and time of the year. Your followers will hardly get interested in staying hydrated in the dead of the winter, will they?



Finalizing Your Instagram Content Calendar

Look into the type of content that interests your followers the most. For example, do they expect funny videos from you? Or perhaps they long for long captions on romantic images? Anyway, don’t forget that Instagram is an image-heavy platform. Hence, pay attention to quote cards that combine text and graphic. They can be used to cover your major weekly topics.

When you plan out the entire year of your Instagram posts, be certain that you will manage to maintain the entire volume of content you include in your content calendar. Most brands post once per day. This is a normal frequency to keep your audience engaged yet not bored.

Once you have completed your calendar for the upcoming entire year, you will have plenty of free time to deal directly with your customers, while your favorite scheduling tool posts the content you have included in your calendar.

How to Extend the Lifecycle of Your Content on Instagram

How to Extend the Lifecycle of Your Content on Instagram

Perhaps every small brand or every ordinary user on Instagram dreams of innovative yet not costly ways of adding longevity to their profiles. And if this matter concerns you, too, InstaBF is going to unveil how you can expand your marketing strategy and extending the life cycle of the content you post. But before that, let us introduce you how you can benefit from our service. By ordering as many likes, comments, views or followers for you Instagram or IGTV account as you need, you will increase your engagement on this social network significantly in a short period of time. All the profiles we use are real-looking HQ ones that won’t ever cause suspect among your real followers. And all this InstaBF offers at an amazingly affordable price.

So, here are the most effective ways of remaining on top for long:



Increasing Shareability

A successful social channel developed skillfully appears interesting and relevant not only in the eyes of other users but also in the eyes of the current social network.  On Instagram, there is no need for making your profile look like a work of art. Yet, the attractiveness of the profile matters a lot. Therefore, align the layout, color schemes and the image sizes of all your posts. For a streamline presence, make use of special applications. Planoly, for instance, may be helpful.

It’s also advisable to schedule multiple shares of your content, particularly at the optimal periods. It’s crucial to count the time when your target audience is most active and plan the posts particularly then.

InstaBF reminds that you should know your brand’s identity well enough to communicate all the aspects which can create a point of difference. For instance, create campaigns on Instagram to encourage user involvement. And if the opinion of the majority on this platform affects your brand model, keep track of the latest trends.

Highlighting user-generated content is another working tip. When you expose other users in your stream, your posts are sure to be shared and your brand awareness is sure to grow. Just count yourself how much you will benefit from having thousands of users “gramming” your content!



Increasing Viewability

Tailoring your Instagram account to both the consumer and media accessibility should be your next step. First, make sure the quality of the content you post meets the platform’s requirements. Be certain, low-quality images won’t score you even few views. Next, make sure you keep your personality on Instagram intact. This refers to your brand’s logo, voice, the color palette, and even the emotions it creates among users. You can use your brand’s title as your username and your brand’s logo as the profile picture. This way, people will recognize you even easier.



Increasing Searchability

A new thing doesn’t always have to be better than the old one. Your older content can become an effective source for attracting new leads. To increase your SEO and your content’s lifecycle, pick up your old best-performing content and make some changes on it to give it a new breath. Adding any new links to your old content is also a working way of refreshing it. Just make sure the sources you mention will provide value to your post.

It’s also worth to be creative with captions, especially when you are re-posting your old content of any public holiday or a major event.

Instagram Captions: Adding Line Breaks and Creating Working CTA

Instagram Captions: Adding Line Breaks and Creating Working CTA

Around 500 million Instagram users inquire on Google how to add a line break in Insta captions on a daily basis! This is definitely a big number signifying that you are sure to be not the only Instagram user trying to clean up your captions. InstaBF is going to address today’s article on the importance of the lines in captions, as well as how to do that and generally, how great Instagram captions are! However, prior to that, we would like to remind our readers that you can always rely on InstaBF whenever you need to raise the engagement rate of your account by getting multiple new followers, likes, and comments. We shall precede your order at quite an affordable price and on a timely manner.


What Line Breaks in Captions Can Give You


Adding spaces in captions is the shortest way of making it look clearer and much more organized. Just the same way you can opt defined paragraphs and bullet points. Additionally, due to the line breaks, followers will find it easier to read and remember the captions.



Adding Line Breaks


If you thought that it’s impossible to do this without special signs, tools or notes, we need to reassure you. Due to such an application as Plann designed for making even a better Instagram experience, a couple of steps will be thoroughly enough. What do you need to do? Follow the few steps described below:

  1. Download and install Plann;
  2. Add pictures to the Plann feed;
  3. Tap the photo you need to create a caption for;
  4. Write the caption;
  5. Using the button “return”, create a line break once the sentence is finished (you can do this as many times as you need);
  6. Once the post is ready, click on the Instagram icon to get to your Insta account;
  7. Press “paste” and watch your created post with the caption and all its line breaks in their exact places appear on your Instagram account.



What to Write in Captions


Do you already have the perfect photo, as well as the location, filter and the most convenient time for an Instagram post yet,  can’t determine what to write in the caption? You can’t even make out the style of it (to be funny, serious, dreamy, or simply straight to the point), can you? InstaBF can define an ideal caption as the one that adds personality and great value to the post engages with the target audience and features a friendly yet clear call to action. For achieving this, use your brand voice, your peculiar style that has driven so many followers to your account. Spend some time thinking about the caption. What will your followers love to read or discover about you? Give a little piece of yourself in every caption, being sure your audience likes your personality as much as what you offer them. To add a mood to your captions or guide people what to do next, feel free to incorporate different emojis.

A CTA must be an inseparable part of your Instagram caption. Whether you want to guide your followers to your website/blog or offer to buy products right on Instagram, a clear call to action becomes a must. If you seek comments, encourage your followers to leave them by questioning them about their idea concerning the matter, or asking them to share with their experience. These plus a couple of purposeful emojis all presented in your brand voice and a perfect caption with a CTA is ready!

Six Amazing Instagram Content Ideas When You Feel Stuck

Six Amazing Instagram Content Ideas When You Feel Stuck

Instagram can sometimes be such a harsh social media! Having a huge number of followers appears too binding especially if Instagram is your means of living. You have to be creative, post original and interesting content to keep all your followers engaged. Otherwise, you will soon watch them unfollow you. Anyway, well acknowledging all this, sometimes it happens that you can’t think of an inspiring Instagram post while missing it will mean disappointing your followers.

Especially for you and other Instagram users who feel stuck, InstaBF, one of the leading Instagram providers on the market, would like to share some amazing content ideas for your next post!



What are you good at? Perhaps you are a beauty blogger or a hairstylist? In such cases, ask a friend to be your model for a day and teach your followers how to create a casual makeup or hairstyle. Just the same way you can share your tips how you use your favorite products.

If you are a fitness trainer, think of a simple yet healthy meal and share its recipe via a tutorial. Be certain, recipes for appetizing yet healthy meals are endless, so are people interested in them!


Inspiration for Outdoor Adventures

There is a sad statistic that technologies have become the huge part of our lives leaving a practically very little place for outdoor adventures. And did you know that exercising outdoors can improve one’s cognitive function, increase memory capability, lower anxiety and, of course, boost good mood?! Therefore, no matter who you are and what is your passion, inspire your followers to spend some time outdoors every day. Make a post about you running, exercising, climbing, or simply walking while explaining its benefits. You will get a wonderful post while helping your followers live healthier.


A Flat Lay of Your Bag Content

If you have a big number of followers, they are sure to be eager who you are in everyday life. A good means of giving them an insight into your personality is posting a “bag-spill” photo/video. This can be as your handbag or clutch, so your work bag, artist bag, gym bag, makeup bag. You can also show what’s there in your shopping bag, yet be careful not to make any brand’s advertisement.



Mondays are perhaps the most-hated days for the vast majority of people. To make that day less tensed, take a photo of your work desk with a steaming cup of coffee on it, add a motivating/encouraging caption and post it. Be sure, it will help your followers hate Mondays a bit less.


Your Muse

Is there anyone who inspires you to work or simply be better? Perhaps it’s your parent, your sweetheart, or simply an artist/writer? Showcase him/her and reveal why you admire that person, how he/she helped you become an individual. Besides being a good idea for an Instagram post, it’s a wonderful way to acknowledge someone’s direct influence on your life. This way you will also motivate your followers to look around and find their muses that might be standing so close!


Sneak Peek

If you have been working on a certain project which is yet not ready to be revealed, you can post a little snippet of it. This will create some mystery among your followers, keep them entertained and your feed filled with quality content even if you had no idea what to post a couple of minutes earlier.