Around 500 million Instagram users inquire on Google how to add a line break in Insta captions on a daily basis! This is definitely a big number signifying that you are sure to be not the only Instagram user trying to clean up your captions. InstaBF is going to address today’s article on the importance of the lines in captions, as well as how to do that and generally, how great Instagram captions are! However, prior to that, we would like to remind our readers that you can always rely on InstaBF whenever you need to raise the engagement rate of your account by getting multiple new followers, likes, and comments. We shall precede your order at quite an affordable price and on a timely manner.


What Line Breaks in Captions Can Give You


Adding spaces in captions is the shortest way of making it look clearer and much more organized. Just the same way you can opt defined paragraphs and bullet points. Additionally, due to the line breaks, followers will find it easier to read and remember the captions.



Adding Line Breaks


If you thought that it’s impossible to do this without special signs, tools or notes, we need to reassure you. Due to such an application as Plann designed for making even a better Instagram experience, a couple of steps will be thoroughly enough. What do you need to do? Follow the few steps described below:

  1. Download and install Plann;
  2. Add pictures to the Plann feed;
  3. Tap the photo you need to create a caption for;
  4. Write the caption;
  5. Using the button “return”, create a line break once the sentence is finished (you can do this as many times as you need);
  6. Once the post is ready, click on the Instagram icon to get to your Insta account;
  7. Press “paste” and watch your created post with the caption and all its line breaks in their exact places appear on your Instagram account.



What to Write in Captions


Do you already have the perfect photo, as well as the location, filter and the most convenient time for an Instagram post yet,  can’t determine what to write in the caption? You can’t even make out the style of it (to be funny, serious, dreamy, or simply straight to the point), can you? InstaBF can define an ideal caption as the one that adds personality and great value to the post engages with the target audience and features a friendly yet clear call to action. For achieving this, use your brand voice, your peculiar style that has driven so many followers to your account. Spend some time thinking about the caption. What will your followers love to read or discover about you? Give a little piece of yourself in every caption, being sure your audience likes your personality as much as what you offer them. To add a mood to your captions or guide people what to do next, feel free to incorporate different emojis.

A CTA must be an inseparable part of your Instagram caption. Whether you want to guide your followers to your website/blog or offer to buy products right on Instagram, a clear call to action becomes a must. If you seek comments, encourage your followers to leave them by questioning them about their idea concerning the matter, or asking them to share with their experience. These plus a couple of purposeful emojis all presented in your brand voice and a perfect caption with a CTA is ready!