Perhaps every small brand or every ordinary user on Instagram dreams of innovative yet not costly ways of adding longevity to their profiles. And if this matter concerns you, too, InstaBF is going to unveil how you can expand your marketing strategy and extending the life cycle of the content you post. But before that, let us introduce you how you can benefit from our service. By ordering as many likes, comments, views or followers for you Instagram or IGTV account as you need, you will increase your engagement on this social network significantly in a short period of time. All the profiles we use are real-looking HQ ones that won’t ever cause suspect among your real followers. And all this InstaBF offers at an amazingly affordable price.

So, here are the most effective ways of remaining on top for long:



Increasing Shareability

A successful social channel developed skillfully appears interesting and relevant not only in the eyes of other users but also in the eyes of the current social network.  On Instagram, there is no need for making your profile look like a work of art. Yet, the attractiveness of the profile matters a lot. Therefore, align the layout, color schemes and the image sizes of all your posts. For a streamline presence, make use of special applications. Planoly, for instance, may be helpful.

It’s also advisable to schedule multiple shares of your content, particularly at the optimal periods. It’s crucial to count the time when your target audience is most active and plan the posts particularly then.

InstaBF reminds that you should know your brand’s identity well enough to communicate all the aspects which can create a point of difference. For instance, create campaigns on Instagram to encourage user involvement. And if the opinion of the majority on this platform affects your brand model, keep track of the latest trends.

Highlighting user-generated content is another working tip. When you expose other users in your stream, your posts are sure to be shared and your brand awareness is sure to grow. Just count yourself how much you will benefit from having thousands of users “gramming” your content!



Increasing Viewability

Tailoring your Instagram account to both the consumer and media accessibility should be your next step. First, make sure the quality of the content you post meets the platform’s requirements. Be certain, low-quality images won’t score you even few views. Next, make sure you keep your personality on Instagram intact. This refers to your brand’s logo, voice, the color palette, and even the emotions it creates among users. You can use your brand’s title as your username and your brand’s logo as the profile picture. This way, people will recognize you even easier.



Increasing Searchability

A new thing doesn’t always have to be better than the old one. Your older content can become an effective source for attracting new leads. To increase your SEO and your content’s lifecycle, pick up your old best-performing content and make some changes on it to give it a new breath. Adding any new links to your old content is also a working way of refreshing it. Just make sure the sources you mention will provide value to your post.

It’s also worth to be creative with captions, especially when you are re-posting your old content of any public holiday or a major event.