How You Can Manage Several Instagram Accounts Successfully: Part 2

How You Can Manage Several Instagram Accounts Successfully: Part 2

Instagram is a major social network with up to a billion monthly active users. It’s a great platform for running and promoting a business. That’s the reason there are IG users with more than only one account. As a rule, these people face such a difficulty, as how they can manage all their accounts equally successfully. In our last post, we started the solution to this problem and described the primary steps – setting up the right platform and curating or creating the content legally for all your Insta accounts. And now, it’s time to go on. InstaBF, one of the most reputable Instagram and IGTV providers, is going to put an end to this problem once and for all!



Creating a Weekly IG Scheduling Workflow


When running several IG accounts, it’s important to make certain the so precious time is used as efficiently as it is generally possible, especially when the matter refers to scheduling and posting Insta content. For this, first of all, make sure you have a weekly scheduling workflow that can be used week after week on all your IG accounts. This way you will save much time and energy.

In most cases, we can suppose you are an Instagram manager that has accounts of several clients under his responsibility. If so and you have to get every client’s approval before posting the content, you’d better work two or three weeks in advance thus saving enough time both to play for the future and apply last-minute changes if necessary.



Scheduling Posts


Quite often, for implementing large projects, you might need the help of a teammate. If so, share the scheduling tasks not to get overburdened. For instance, you could be scheduling posts for the upcoming two weeks, while your teammate becomes responsible for the captions. This way you could avoid any unfavorable lull in the production, every member of the team would get a chance to work on the calendar, and you could have a more flexible graphic for creating truly worthy content for each of the accounts.

Additionally, what makes scheduling posts in advance an advantage is that you get a clear image how the feed of every IG account will look like. This way it becomes obvious whether you are using your IG aesthetic or not.

Nevertheless, when scheduling posts in advance for multiple Instagram accounts, it’s crucial to keep in mind several things. Here are them:

  • Checking every client’s promo calendar

    If there is any product or campaign launch to be pushed out this week/month, you’ll need to integrate it into the calendar.


  • Checking hashtag holidays

    Check whether there are any national holidays, special events or celebrations to take place in the upcoming weeks. If any of them can be relevant to a client, include it in his calendar. This way you will manage to be a part of a trending hashtag once the time comes.



Working On Captions


For running a business on IG successfully, you need to work on the captions with great care and attention. This is your client’s chance to speak to his followers productively and get the best of it.

Here are the tips you should pay attention to when creating captions for multiple IG accounts:

  • The caption must have a strong CTA

It should effectively guide your client’s followers (potential customers) to the action you want them to take. Hence, don’t forget to clearly ask people leave a comment, like, or click the link on the bio.


  • Include hashtags

    It’s better to have a list of hashtags relevant to every account you run and every time choose one for every caption. This way the chances are higher that you can reach a wider audience on every account.


Final Thoughts


After you have invested much work and efforts in running several accounts, the final step will be checking whether the content is performing well. For this, constantly look into the Insta Insights (analytics and metrics) to detect the growth of the account, find out particularly what type of content gets more engagement and thus make better scheduling decisions for later.

How You Can Manage Several Instagram Accounts Successfully: Part 1

How You Can Manage Several Instagram Accounts Successfully: Part 1

If you have several Instagram accounts and plan to grow engagement on each of them, then you must have already understood that it’s a daunting task requiring nerves of steel and a great diligence. However, the secret of running all your IG accounts successfully doesn’t lie in spending 24 hours of the day on this social network. Such aspects as finding the right tools, the necessary schedules and applications are the key to managing several IG accounts at the same time.

So, irrespective of your background, whether you work with a team and have to manage different businesses, or you are a social media manager with many clients, this article by a respectable IG and IGTV provider InstaBF will now teach you how to save time, manage and grow multiple IG accounts.



Creating a Workflow


The primary thing of managing several accounts is staying organized. Here are the steps you should undertake:



Set Up the Right Platform


First of all, find a platform that will help you schedule posts for more than one account and keep the content for IG organized and separated for each of them. In one of our earlier posts, we have already referred to the best scheduling programs available on the market today. Pick up the one that best meets your requirements, and use it to schedule posts for all your accounts.



Curate and Create Content for Instagram


What can slow down the scheduling and posting processes if not the lack of content?! Not to stick in a situation when you simply don’t know what to post on any of your accounts, turn your content curation process a mandatory weekly task and devote enough time for brainstorming over and creating relevant content for each and every account you run.

However, the amount and type of content you should curate depends on the clients you have, as well as the frequency of the posts you make. We can distinguish two major types of content you are to use on Your IG accounts: created and curated content. The latter is the UGC, the content type that you search for on Gram and repost from other IG accounts or other social media platforms. Created content, meanwhile, includes your branded photos and videos, as well as those provided by your clients as a verification they liked your products/services. Let’s have a deeper look at each of these content types:




Creating Curated Content


If your IG account is a newly-started one, or you have taken on a new client, make certain you have Client Curation Guidelines as a part of your IG strategy. Due to the latter, your team, your clients and contributors will get an idea what type of content is proper for posting on your account and what content type is better to avoid. It’s not enough to have curated content excellently fitting your clients’ IG aesthetic, it’s also important to make sure the content is legally and correctly searched for and reposted.

If you are not sure how this should be done, keep track of InstaBF as in one of our upcoming posts we shall refer particularly this theme – how to repost UGC legally.



Creating Original Content


What concerns created content, here the things are simpler. Whatever genuine images or videos you shoot for your brand are considered created content. Additionally, those photos and videos sent to you by your clients, are also of this kind. It’s recommended to create content for the entire week in advance. You must always be sure there is enough content in your social media library to select from once the time comes for posting.

So, once your content sourcing and creation are all set up, the time comes for creating a weekly scheduling workflow. We shall speak about this in our next post.