Street Photography on Instagram: The Best Artists and Tips to Follow

Street Photography on Instagram: The Best Artists and Tips to Follow

What can go better with the dramatic tones and the candid style of street photography than the raw, instant nature, as well as the square format of Instagram?! Street photography is an art, a talent of a photographer to see much behind the ordinary life scenes and his ability to transfer it through light, timing, and perspective. Instagram can be acquired as a huge world living its own life and having all the wonders of a real world including amazing street photographers. They keep on capturing portraits with not only cityscapes but also the raw emotions of passersby creating visual stories from the urban lifestyle for around 800 million Instagram users. Feel attracted to find the best Instagram street photographers to follow? Or perhaps you already feel tempted to try this art yourself? In both cases, InstaBF one of the most outstanding providers of Instagram likes, comments, and followers, will satisfy you.


Best Instagram Street Photographers


J.N. Silva (@jnsilva)

With around 316k followers on Instagram, this street photographer is popular for his unique representation of urban life. His pictures are full of colorful streets and people, original juxtapositions of cityscapes and nature.



David Alan Harvey (@davidalanharvey)

David is a real “veteran” of street photography, yet his mind-blowing works can also be categorized into fine art. The contrast, the brightness and the perfect playing with light and shadows make his works truly admirable! Each photo vividly tells a story you can’t but get attracted to.



Dave Krugman (@dave.krugman)

This Boston-based street photographer and social media expert with around 272k followers on Instagram presents to our attention moody street shots. Most of them are city pictures at night or architectural images.


Other highly talented street photographers your can follow on Instagram are Steven John Irby (@steavesweatpants), Eric Veloso (@ericveloso), Paola Franqui (@Monaris_), and others.



How You Can Approach Street Photography

Do you feel attracted or even obsessed with the idea of becoming a street photographer? Do you have your camera ready yet need a trigger to ease you into the fantastic world of this art? If yes, let’s go!

  1. Depending on the country you plan to photograph in, you may either need a proper model release form signed or not to use the photos of strangers you take.
  2. Shooting street photography on your own makes you more invisible. Yet, if you feel shy, take a friend with you for the first several “crawl outs”.
  3. Start street photographing in public busy places such as outdoor events, markets, etc. Pay attention to street performers, as they are always telling a story in their own way and are never against being photographed.
  4. Finding a stage especially in a foreign city is also important. Find an interesting place with an architectural or unique background, get a convening place for you near it and wait for your “right” people to walk through your frame.
  5. Picture easily-recognizable silhouettes in your photos. These can be people with umbrellas or cameras, lovers holding hands or kids playing with pets, etc.
  6. Remember that it’s all about emotions. If you photograph people, either their actions or expressions should tell a story. Elderly people, children, young couples in love appear like open books on photos. Make use of this fact!
  7. Trust your inner artist. If you want to bring a timeless quality to your photo, proceed it in black and white; yet if you find the photo looks especially attractive with colors, leave them original. Be the creator and the judge of your art yourself!


Setting a Career of a Successful Instagram Freelance Photographer

Setting a Career of a Successful Instagram Freelance Photographer

Is Instagram freelance photographer your dream job? Would you like to know the secrets that can help to smooth your path toward your dream? Once you have a photography business of your own, you will enjoy a lot of fulfillment and freedom. Perhaps the toughest thing here is how to start. So, under the condition you have a talent toward photographing and have a good understanding of the techniques relating to this art, InstaBF, one of the most reputable Instagram providers, is going to present to your attention several tips how to set your Instagram photographer business on relatively little expenses.



Obtaining the Necessary Equipment


Whether you are good at Instagram popular flatlays or prefer photographing nature scenes, the first thing to pay attention to is quality equipment. Make some investment and be certain it will be repaid due to your quality photos. Obtain a modern camera, a flash, reflectors, lights, diffusers and, of course, lenses. The latter is especially important, hence don’t ever skimp on lenses!



Setting Up Your Instagram Account


To spread a word about your talent and photography business, you need to set up your own website and an Instagram account with a link to it. Approach this task seriously as particularly Instagram with its around 800 million users will be your judge and clients. Just as you use your website, you can show your recent works, communicate with customers or simply fans, manage orders, schedule sessions and even send your completed works through Instagram.


Creating an Impressive Portfolio

At the first phase of your photographer’s career, you will have to work for free to build up your portfolio. For this, take free orders from your acquaintances, find local models who need photos for their modeling portfolios, or simply shoot street photographs. It all depends on your peculiar style.


Attracting the First Clients


Now when you already have your account on Instagram filled with interesting photos taken by you, it’s time to attract clients. For this, start with discounts and unique offers. Make regular posts and share some tutorials or tips about photographing with your followers. This way they will see a professional in you and rely on you more. Once you have your clients, remember to keep in touch with them so that they apply to you again. Use different applications. For instance, MailChimp is a good tool for sending free email newsletters for photographers.



Creating a Schedule


Once your talent and exceptional diligence bring you a steady flow of customers, you will face quite a deal of work to perform on a daily basis. To manage all this, create a schedule. There are different applications that may come to help. One of them is the BirchPress Scheduler WordPress plugin. The latter can take appointments and show your clients whether you are available or busy.


Editing Filters

We don’t doubt your professionalism and talent, yet strongly recommend enhancing all the photos with filters before delivering them to clients. If you manage to create such fabulous works that your customers can’t but rave about you, your success is guaranteed! So, such editing must be applied as enhancing skin tones, balancing colors, adjusting the background, and fixing the insufficient light.


Taking Perfect Instagram Selfies

Taking Perfect Instagram Selfies

Do you always admire the glorious look Instagram stars have in their selfies and even feel jealous from time to time? Surely these divas are delightfully beautiful, but it’s not merely their natural beauty that makes their selfies magnetizing. Let’s confess, the expression of their eyes is captivating, their lips are luscious, their hair looks luxurious while their posture exudes self-confidence. Would you like your Instagram selfies to be as attractive as those of Instagram celebrities? If yes, then we have prepared for you a few tips to adhere to when taking a selfie next time. Be sure, they will help you score tons of likes and an “army” of followers!

Choose the Right Angle

To snap an amazing selfie, first of all, you need to find the right angle. Surely, every face is different and one angle may appear not appropriate for another. Yet, you can get a “universally” perfect angle by tucking down your chin and at the same time tilting your head a bit. This way you’ll get a flattering expression of eyes and your face will look angular.

For taking a fire selfie, meanwhile, it’s mandatory to practice your smile. Don’t forget to raise your eyebrows and tout your lips. A super sexy selfie is guaranteed!

Opt for Natural Lighting

For a healthy and beautiful glow, it’s not mandatory to use expensive concealers or highlighters. A smart use of natural light is what you need. Even if your face is clean with absolutely no makeup, it will glow nicely and look pretty in natural lighting. Fluorescent lighting, meanwhile, will spoil any selfie no matter what makeup you have applied!

Morning Selfies

The best time for taking a selfie for your Instagram account is in the morning. When your face is clean with a fresh makeup, your hairdo is not destroyed by the wind or workouts, and you feel energized after a morning coffee, a marvelous selfie is guaranteed!

Keep the Camera Up

Smiling into the camera straight-on is far not the best posture for taking a selfie unless it’s intended for your passport! Instead, hold your camera a little bit above you to have a less intense and a more charming selfie. This downward angle is amazingly flattering!

Have Your Background Clean

Do you like taking selfies in front of the mirror right in your bedroom like Kendall Jenner, for instance? It’s a good idea until you have a neat background. Remember to make your room, bedroom or any other space in your house tidy before taking a selfie there.

Finding Your Best Filter

One secret successful bloggers share with their fans on Instagram is choosing the right filter and sticking to it. Get that subtle filter which emphasizes your vibe the best, and apply it to every selfie or picture you take. Make use of this advice and you’ll have your whole feed looking cohesive. This is a sure way to get a great fame on Instagram and tons of followers in addition.

Sunglasses: Stunning Accessory for Great Selfies

Do you feel shy when taking a sexual pose for an Instagram selfie? Why won’t you then throw your favorite shades beforehand and only pose your lips? You won’t have to take hundreds of selfies to choose a single succeeded one afterward. Badass sunnies are a pledge for a cool selfie!

Undoubtedly, all these selfies will help you become a real Instagramer with thousands of likes and followers. Yet, if you can’t wait till your selfies get popular and need an efficient re-posting tool, InstaBF offers its services! We shall provide you with as many likes, comments, and followers as you wish. And all this is offered on an affordable basis. Make your virtual life on Instagram remarkable with InstaBF!

9 Instagram aspects that most users do not know about

9 Instagram aspects that most users do not know about

Appeared in 2010 like free application for exchanging photos and videos with other users, Instagram has become the most popular program for today. Now over a billion of people have downloaded it to use for the other purposes – for business, social communication, promotions, etc. Meanwhile, it has certain possibilities that many users do not even guess about.

Hiding photo filters you do not need

Filters for photos are what made Instagram so popular, but some of them you might not like at all. Instagram gives each user really stunning possibility of using photo filters to improve the images’ quality and add funky effects. Meanwhile, you may dislike this option – then turn it off. To do it, open the photo, ready for editing and scroll to the right all filters. You’ll see the sign “Manage”. Uncheck the filters you do not need. That’s it!

Hiding unsuccessful marked photos

The photos can have great quality, but for some reason you can even hate them. Make the marks invisible. Simply go to the Photos of You, click on the selected image, find your name there, and click on it. In this menu, select Hide from My Profile and save the change. That’s it – nobody will discuss this “unlucky” photo as he will not see the mark anymore.

Following the images that your friends like

To see what the other users like, go to “Activity” and scroll left to the “Following” tab. There the likes “collection” of the people you are subscribed to is kept. Isn’t it curious?

Checking all images you have marked with your Like

Are you desperately searching a photo that you have marked with your Like? When you communicate with many Instagram users and your activity in the application is very high, finding these marked pictures is a hard task. Meanwhile, the searching process is extremely simple  – use the “Posts You’ve Liked” function, hidden in the settings menu (visit the upper right corner of your profile). When you need more likes on certain photos, just buy for cheap it at InstaBF. We can also add to your account more subscribers, which is very important when you need a large audience to tell them about your business propositions or share with them the needed info.

Getting notifications about photo posts from your favorite accounts

You can be subscribed to thousands of Instagram accounts, but you always have your favorites.  Follow their updates easily, learn about new images added there, read posts and comments of these users. Just turn on “Notifications” that are hidden behind the ellipsis sign in the upper left corner of the selected profile page.

Using direct messages

Many people do not use Instagram Direct actively, however they have heard about this function. To get to personal messages, click on the icon of incoming messages in the upper left corner of the News page.

Sending private messages invisible to other people

For such a stranger stranger photos previously had to take a screenshot, but recently in Instagram appeared a new feature that allows you to send someone else’s photos to others, while not telling the author.

Saving live broadcasts for 24 hours

Now Instagram users can leave their live broadcast published in the service for 24 hours after it is over. At the end of the broadcast, choose if you leave it in the service for 24 hours or not.

Using new Favorites function

New “Favorites” function allows you to publish photos and videos for a specific circle of friends. In this case, users will not receive notifications when they are added to the Favorites, and they will not be able sending the request for adding to the closed list. Publications for a particular group of people are marked with a special green icon. A new tab with Favorites posts appears in the user profile. There is no limit for adding users, but the average number of added Favorites is 10 – 30 persons.