Three Steps to Becoming a Professional Instagrammer

Three Steps to Becoming a Professional Instagrammer

There are many people who earn their crust with a simple posting on Instagram.  We call them «Instagrammers». At first glance, these bloggers get the money easily: they hire a professional photographer, go on holiday and take beautiful photos.

That’s why every modern person dreams of Instablogger carrier. To make this dream come true, you need to promote yourself. The following instruction will put you on the right track. Just stick to the rules and get ready to become popular.

Create a beautiful account

There are the most important requirements for really good account:

  • A suitable name.
  • One color scheme for all pictures.
  • Only professional photos.
  • Thoughtful description of every picture.
  • Right choice of hashtags.

As you can see, memorable and easy readable name is the first thing you need to create. Try to make it not too long (8-12 symbols) and don’t be afraid to use one underscore. It will help you to separate a few letters.

Unique color scheme is also important. It is better to have a recognizable style of photos, because every picture should stand out in a huge and monotonous user’s feed. At the same time, follower can evaluate your perfectionism.

The style of photos should be recognizable.

If blogger wants to earn money and cooperate with brands, he should post only professional photos. Be sure, that your holiday pictures on mobile phone are ill-suited for this aim. Purchase of a qualitative camera is compulsory. Moreover, the knowledge of photography is also needed.

Think about an interesting description after each picture. Show your writing skills to make an average user open more photos. The importance of hashtags is clear: right promotion is unreal without them.

Increase the number of subscribers

According to some interviews of Instagrammers, the audience of 10,000 people gives blogger an opportunity to start earning money. This figure isn’t so unreal, but achieving such goal may be too difficult in a competitive environment of social network.

10,000 people are enough to start earning money.

That’s why it is rationally to use InstaBF service to get followers and likes on Instagram. As a result, you will have natural and healthy traffic to make your account popular and move to the next step.

Start to make money

If your account is popular, advertisers will find you in no time. The system of cooperation is simple: every professional Instagrammer gets gifts from brands. He shows these presents to the audience and then uses them for free. The advertised products can vary. For example, some bloggers get really expensive things or even free holidays on the seaside.

The prospect of money-making is unlimited. Some Instagrammers receive $360000  per year. The average income of popular blogger is about $3000 per month. Moreover, this figure will increase. Not every brand on the modern market understands the real impact of Instagram on the advertising campaigns.

Ways to earn money on Instagram

Ways to earn money on Instagram

Let’s say you have registered your profile. How can you start earning money? First of all, you need your own audience (subscribers), which will have something to buy from you. Where can you get these followers? The easiest way doing it is buying them cheap is doing it at InstaBF site.

How many followers do you need to earn? Sure, the more people that have subscribed to your account you have, the more you can earn. Even with 100 followers you can get the first customers. Let us learn more about these ways of earning.

Promote your business on Instagram

Who often sells services on Instagram?

  1. People working for themselves, providing their services online and offline. For example, photographers, psychologists, business coaches, lawyers;
  2. Private entrepreneurs and companies. For example, beauty salons, car-care centers, sports complexes, entertainment projects;
  3. Freelancers, copywriters, webmasters, programmers, etc.

You can easily advertise your services on Instagram and attract potential customers through the photo with description.

Promote affiliate services on Instagram

Selling other people’s products and services through affiliate programs is the simplest and most profitable way to earn. All you need is to find a product or service, for the sale of which you will receive your commission, take a partnership link to this product and recommend it in your profile or in posts.

Selling your goods on Instagram

Who earns this way? Internet shops, various manufacturers and those who make goods with their own hands! But basically it’s online stores and ordinary stores that attract customers that way. For example, regular customers or fans of a brand subscribe to their favorite stores’ accounts and follow through photos for new items, buying them further. Additionally various promotions and discounts, which attract the audience are advertised on Instagram.

Selling Ads on your Instagram profile

Popular posts on Instagram with an audience of several tens of thousands of people can take for an advertising post even $100. Would you just want to get $500, $1000, $5000 USD through your account? Of course, everyone would like to have such a source of income.