Built as an entertainment photo-sharing social media, Instagram has turned into a huge business platform. And the greatest thing is that it can be used by anyone! And if you wonder whether you can make money on Instagram, too, the answer is Yes! Keep up with InstaBF, a popular provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers, and we shall share with you in-depth tactics to implement to earn money this and the upcoming year. 

Generally, there are five basic ways of making money on this social platform. These are:



Becoming an influencer to get money for sponsored posts


Influencers build a reputation by sharing the things they do and like online. By convincing their faithful audiences about certain trends, they build a high level of trust with their online presence. Acquiring the status of an influencer, you can promote brands through your posts and stories getting paid for that. To become an influencer, you need to know your target audience well and create a noteworthy presence online. 

Quite often Instagram influencers (mostly micro-influencers) find brands to cooperate with themselves. They reach out to them directly and suggest their services. Mega influencers, in the meantime, don’t need this. Big brands reach out to them every day. 

However, if you have created a good following and become an Instagram influencer, remember not to lose your existing audience while making money on sponsored posts. 



Be an affiliate to sell others’ products


An Instagram affiliate sells various brands’ products to receive a cut. If an influencer creates awareness around a brand, the task of an affiliate is to make sales for the partnering brand. They do that through promo codes and trackable links to make sure that all clicks are successfully converted into sales. If you think about earning money on Instagram by becoming an affiliate, expand your presence through a social media channel or a website. 



Sell virtual products


Instagram is all about visual content and photogenic products are sold with a tremendous success here. These can include poster images. drawings, paintings, videos, animations, and any other virtual content based on photos or videos. Make attractive posts and encourage your followers to click on the link in your bio. 

So, if you are taking great photos and are good at editing, compositing, filtering, there’s a great chance you can earn on that through your Instagram account. 



Sell physical products


If you produce anything or buy goods at suppliers, you can sell them online at a higher price. Generally, e-commerce retailing demands some inventory, hence you need some money to invest in your little Instagram business. Additionally, you need to have a place to store your goods and a big devotion to advertising them. Today it’s possible for customers to buy products directly on Instagram through stories and posts without even leaving the platform. You see Instagram gives retailers a good opportunity to expand their business. Why not make use of it? 



Sell dropshipped products


If you don’t own any inventory but want to own your business on Instagram, dropshipping is just for you. Run an online store, sell products and the manufacturer will deliver the sold products to your customers’ doorsteps. You see, no worries about storing, packaging, delivering the goods. Surely, the revenue will be smaller as compared with owning both the production and retail, but you can earn quite not bad money!