Why Instagram Has Started Hiding Likes

Why Instagram Has Started Hiding Likes

Have your likes on Instagram posts disappeared? Instagram has recently hidden all likes from Canadian users and most probably you don’t know why, do you? InstaBF is going to reveal why they have made such a decision, how all that work and what an influence it has on Instagram businesses and influencers. But before we dig into this matter deeper, let us remind you that you can still order as many likes, comments, views and followers for your Instagram or IGTV account as you may need. Moreover, we shall gladly surprise you with the affordable prices set on all these services.

And now, let’s start today’s theme by finding out how hidden likes work.



How Instagram Hidden Likes Work


It’s been reported in F8 of 2019 that Instagram has started testing hidden likes and they started it with a percentage of users, particularly in Canada. Today, as you scroll through your feed, you can see no like counts. This doesn’t mean you can’t find out who has liked your post. Just tap through the list and add them yourself. You can still see how many likes your post has got while your followers won’t. In fact, the number of likes will no longer automatically appear under every post and you can access them only by tapping on “others”. Let’s find out together who has access to this update.



How You Can Hide (or Get Back) Instagram Likes


Currently, only certain Canadian Instagram users have access to hidden likes within the limits of testing. If you are lucky to be one of them, you can see a banner at the top of your home feed. It gives an explanation of why you currently don’t see likes on other users’ posts. You see, the purpose of all this is to draw people’s attention on what is being posted and not how many likes those posts get. Zuckerberg aims to help people connect with each other and be less-focused on gathering likes.

If you are excited and want to become a part of the test group… Well, you can’t do anything. You are either one of them or not. There’s absolutely no way to opt-in or opt-out.

We haven’t got any distinct information by social media on how big this test is. However, as Canadians state, the test is definitely large.



How This Will Affect Brands and Influencers


The biggest question around this Instagram update is how it will affect Instagram businesses and influencers. Overall, this is believed to be a positive change for the entire platform. Just see yourself, Instagram Stories have no public metrics. Yet, it has magnificent popularity with not only ordinary users but also brands and influencers. The fact that your like count is left out of sight makes all the focus mainly on the content you share. Additionally, your mental health is safe when you are not enticed to check in with yourself. Today brands care more about engagement rate and reach than do followers. Businesses will have to be much more creative than before. They should analyze all data and get specific about the content type that drives the business the best.

Buying Instagram Likes (part 2)

Buying Instagram Likes (part 2)

If you post a photo on Instagram you probably expect to get likes from people, because this is how you get to know that people are interested in you, your content and, in general, that they like you. Sometimes it’s difficult to wait for feedback from different people (except for your friends and relatives, of course!). What to do if you face this stumbling block of being in a social vacuum? Make sure you do everything to attract people’s attention ­– adding hashtags, tagging different accounts, communicating with your followers. Still doesn’t work? Then we have something for you  – likes and followers. In this article we are going to tell you something new about «being liked» on Instagram, and if you want more information you can also check Part 1.

Starting with a smaller amount of likes

Depending on your goals you might want to have a bigger or smaller amount of likes. It is rather understandable, because it is simple math as a matter of fact: the more likes you get­, the more people see and visit your page. Normally, big companies and celebrities have thousands or even millions of likes. For a small blogger even two or three hundreds of likes would be a good start. We can explain why: firstly, this amount might seem small to you in comparison to the number of likes under some celebrities’ pictures, but this amount is rather significant for ordinary Instagram users. Secondly, if you want to have YOUR audience, meaning people who are fond of your profile and not those who randomly click on the heart button under your posts, then you should start with something small. Thirdly, if you buy likes for the first time ­– this amount costs less and in the long run, you save money.

More likes – more opportunities

Buying a big amount of likes can really boost up your profile if it already has a concept. Having an idea, personal approach and even style of editing pictures as well as the way of writing captions play a great role. Buying likes will bring your account to another level. It can appear in Instagram top and then you won’t have to search for people, they will find you themselves! Another important reason why a huge amount of likes can help you to speed up the promotion of yourself or of your business(and we have already written about it before) is that people tend to follow proved accounts, the number of followers and likes influence users’ perception and the degree of their trust in you or your business. So if you think it’s what you need then you should think about buying a bigger amount of likes.

Our service

To sum it up, you can choose your own promotion strategy. Maybe you have different goals, which are not listed in this article, but anyway, you can always count on our service in case you are eager to buy likes or followers. Want to check it out? Click here for more information about our offers and prices.

Buying Instagram likes

Buying Instagram likes

More and more people are trying to build their promotion campaign in a social network, because it is a virtual place, where we all communicate actively. Instagram is a universal multilingual additional platform. In our article “Instagram timeline” you can read about how dynamically Instagram is developing now: the number of signed users is growing very fast. There are about 500 million users on Instagram and the majority of them are your potential followers. And now you probably have a question: how can I attract them? In the next two paragraphs we will tell you about different ways of gaining likes and goals of buying these likes on Instagram.

Buying likes for personal promotion

Nowadays people have different values, and one of them is popularity. We all try to differentiate ourselves from others, we try to self-actualize through social life. Likes, followers and comments have become things, which we are ready to fight for. To be a winner means having a lot of attention. Of course, you can get likes by being socially active, but it takes time. No doubt, it is fun to make giveaways, SFS, discussions — all of these could be a backup strategy of your promotion. In spite of this fact, you should understand that it can take you years to get the desirable amount of likes, so buying likes is the first and base step on your way to becoming popular in a short time.

Buying likes for business

As we have already written, there is a tendency to fight for the leadership everywhere. When you buy likes you build trusting business relationships with your clients. More likes you have — more users are going to follow you. Everybody likes to be a part of something interesting and popular. Moreover, buying likes can influence company sales in a positive way. And in addition, it is well-known that users trust more to proved and reliable accounts.

Why us?

We provide you with likes from different followers on Instagram fast and without any problem. You can make an order anytime. We save your time and energy, so you can keep them for other important things. Besides, buying likes makes your promotion campaign more effective and successful.

Likes weight on Instagram

Likes weight on Instagram

It is essential to practise all marketing tools to promote yourself or your personal brand. One of the way of that is promotion on Instagram, there are several reasons for choosing it and to get more Likes.

Likes go some way to provide SMM technology for your successful business promotion. A vast quantity of Likes make people unconsciously start to want your product, thus, any man could come under affect of other people’s approbation. So, that marketing ploy could inure not only to targeted audience, it’s either help to attract more new followers.

More likes you get — more popularity you have. Popular profiles are always catch interest of real users — those, whom other users can trust. Communication appears  between customer and company in that way. Real users post distinctive comments, that increase people’s interest in brand massively more. It gives other priority to marketing experts: determination of real consumer’s needs.