Eight Ways to Collaborate on Instagram: Collaborating with Bloggers

Eight Ways to Collaborate on Instagram: Collaborating with Bloggers

Not so far ago, we started such an important and helpful topic as Instagram collaborations with brands that turn to be mutually beneficial. Adhering to them, you will make your brand even more popular and profitable while contributing to the partnering brand’s popularity as well.

Anyway, those were not the only collaborations you could undertake. Cooperating with bloggers on Instagram is definitely not a less effective way to promote your brand. Particularly how? We shall convey this right now on InstaBF, one of the best sources of getting Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers on an inexpensive basis.

So, with all this settled, let’s pass to four collaboration means with bloggers on IG.



Exclusive collection


We have registered many success stories of collaborations between online stores and Instagram influencers or bloggers around exclusive product collections. Obviously, these are paid collaborations, but in case of choosing the right blogger and organizing everything correctly, incredible results are guaranteed. You may even start planning your brand’s next exclusive collection. This sounds awesome, doesn’t it? If you have a certain budget to spend on the brand promotion and can afford to pay to an Instagram blogger/influencer, this is an idea not to miss.



Stories takeovers


Are you in a search for an easy and quick Instagram collaboration? If yes then Instagram stories takeovers are what you need. The latter gives you a space for creativeness. You can have an Instagram blogger do a tutorial about your products, a transformation, a look-book, or any other idea to give a go. There’s also a wonderful side of stories takeovers – they can be repurposed and shared on other social media accounts, websites, YouTube, etc. This way you get the most bang for the money you’ve spent on video creation. Besides, that could be a Stories advertisement.



Exclusive giveaways


Another efficient means of collaboration between a brand and a blogger is an exclusive giveaway. This may include a membership or service subscription, a gift bundle of your products, an experience with the influencer/blogger themselves, etc. For instance, let’s take your are a cafe brand and have organized an exclusive giveaway with a famous Instagram blogger. Set up competition and proclaim spending a couple of hours with that influencer in your cafe around a free treatment as a prize. This way your followers will become eager to win the competition and meet their favorite influencer tete-a-tete and enjoy some marvelous trendy treatment in a stylish cafe!



Blogger picks


Do you have any Instagram blogger you are in fantastic relationships with? On the other hand, do you have a diversity of products in your online store? If Yes is the answer to both questions, it will be sensible to tee up to collaborate on IG with a blogger picks collection. You can share the latter on a blog post, carousel post, a landing page on a website, etc. If you find this idea attractive make sure your blogger can choose several items and include them in the “blogger picks” list. Your blogger’s followers will gladly order particularly those picks.

Eight Ways to Collaborate on Instagram: Collaborating with Business

Eight Ways to Collaborate on Instagram: Collaborating with Business

If you are a brand on Instagram, you definitely know that challenges are inevitable when collaborating with other businesses or bloggers. However, this doesn’t mean conflicts can’t be avoided. With appropriate tactics and tools, you can set up a successful brand which has only positive negotiations with other brands. If you are interested in expanding your cooperation on Instagram, here in InstaBF, one of the most popular IG and IGTV providers, we are excited about helping you. To our mind, the best way of starting an efficient collaboration is approaching a brand with an amazing idea! You should always bear in mind that whatever you undertake and offer to a possible partner, should be beneficial for both of you. Moreover, that should also be valuable for the audiences of both of you. And if you have run out of ideas, we shall help you with some.



Collaborating with Businesses


In today’s article, we are referring to collaboration ways with Instagram businesses. Very soon, we shall cover the ways of collaboration with bloggers. Stay tuned!


Collaborative photos


One of the smartest and most effective ways of collaborating with another business on IG is pairing up with one that has a similar target market. Take flatlays with products of both of you, share on Instagram and tag one another to get the most bang for your money. This way you will not only save on the content shooting but also have much more interesting content and larger brand awareness. For instance, if you are a brand offering sweets, collaborate with one that offers tea or coffee. Don’t forget to mention one another in your captions.



Product Bundles


If there’s a brand you really love products of which, why not bundle them with yours?! Putting together a new offering, you could offer both your and your partnering brand’s products on your Instagram account and in your store. Just the same way, your partnering brand could add some of your products to its store. This can be a seasonal offer or a limited edition collection. Agree that this is a good way to share audiences and websites.



IG Market Day


Virtual market days are immensely popular on Instagram and businesses collaborating with one another on this day benefit greatly. On an IG marketing day, businesses with similar target audiences join into groups and offer special discounts for the whole day. You, as a part of that group, have to share what each other business offers on your grid or Stories throughout the entire day. And other businesses include yours in their content. This way your products appear in front of new audiences.



IG Stories Takeovers


Perhaps the quickest way of collaboration on Instagram is IG Story takeover. Usually, it can be coordinated in a matter of minutes. On the basis of this lies the concept of creating mutually valuable content and sharing it on a set day on your stories. If you and the brand you cooperate with have similar target audiences and both of you love making awesome Instagram stories, this way is the best for you.