Top Fashion Bloggers to Follow On Instagram in 2018

Top Fashion Bloggers to Follow On Instagram in 2018

In as little as several years, Instagram managed to turn from a small trendy application to one of the most popular social networks of nowadays with over eight hundred million monthly users! Surely this popularity can be credited to Instagram celebrities like Selena Gomez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, but there are plenty of other users as well, who seriously affect the fame of this social network. And these are fashion bloggers! They serve as Insta influencers for multiple brands, inspire their followers to look more stylish and fashionable, and, obviously, beautify our Insta feeds!

Today InstaBF wants to present several amazing fashion bloggers who are definitely worth the attention of every fashionista in 2018. However, before this, it’s worth reminding that you are on the most reliable platform that can boost your Instagram engagement rate and increase the number of your followers. Just pick up the package best catered to your requirements.

Ellie Slipintostyle @slipintostyle

Ellie is a gorgeous woman with luxury braids reaching her hips and a gorgeous collection of most extraordinary shoes and bags. Yet, however, it’s her keen sense of style that has attracted 22.3k followers. Ellie’s style is unique and unmatched by any celebrity or a fashion blogger. And if you are in a search for something original, be certain you will love to see her pics n your Insta feed.

Lyn Slater @iconaccidental

This sixty-with-something-year-old Fordham professor was constantly “attacked” by street photographers. They were attracted by her ability to look so stylish and fashionable at her age. Shortly afterward, Lyn Slater opened her own fashion blog and named it Accidental Icon. Four years have passed, but this gorgeous lady is still true to her initial idea. Lyn is a Yohji Yamamoto enthusiast and all her looks come to prove this! By becoming one of her 480k followers, you will quickly understand that age doesn’t define beauty or style!

Madelynn Furlong @madelynnfurlong

If you are already tired from New York’s concrete jungles and those “cute” dug-faced selfies, welcome to a Minneapolis-based fashion blogger Madelynn Furlong’s Instagram account. Here you will find tranquility and a unique style peculiar to exceptionally Madelynn. She appears in minimal and sleek outfits, which, yet, charm with their style and character. It’s due to her style that she has got over 144k followers on Instagram and multiple others on her Blog Wide Eyed Legless.

Gizele Oliveira @giizeleoliveira

Most probably, you know the pretty face and the luxury body of the Brazilian beauty Gizele Oliveira. After a brilliant career in Victoria’s Secret, as well as after posing for ELLE France and L’Officiel, Gizele was expected to take a time out and relax. But no, this striking woman leads her tremendously popular fashion blog Gizel On The Go, as well as her extremely popular Instagram account @giizeleoliveira keeping her followers engaged. Her graciously photographed outfit shots fill her feed inspiring her over 664k followers!

Most Talented and Remarkable Teens on Instagram

Most Talented and Remarkable Teens on Instagram

Even though social media is quite difficult to handle with all the body images, cyberbullying, and other issues for teenage people, it has become an inseparable part of their life. And it seems that most of them know well how to use this platform safely and beneficially. The selfies, inspirational quotes, posts about celebrities that they make on Instagram, reflect their everyday life and their preferences. However, sometimes it’s difficult not to admire the feeds of some teenagers in particular. And InstaBF has collected them in one place so that you can get inspired by their marvelous posts! These are not those mega-popular names you are already used to hear every day, but other far not less talented and smart guys. Let’s check them out!

Lottie Tomlinson

This eighteen-year-old girl is a talented makeup artist and has managed to gain her fame due to the unique sense of style and hard work. Despite her young age, Lottie has managed to cooperate with world-known artists including Selena Gomez. Now she enjoys around 3.3 million followers!

Ryan Parrilla

Ryan is a sixteen-year-old guy who suggests admiring fantastic photos he posts in his feed. He lives in New York, and his photos represent the real life of teenagers “behind the scenes”. Ryan gets inspired by things other people would consider minor! This guy sees the world in another way than we do and this fact has attracted over 90k followers on Instagram.

Evita Nuh

Eighteen-year-old Indonesian fashion blogger Evita definitely knows the point in fashion and style. At her young age, she has already managed to be featured by Elle magazine and admired by around 75k followers on Instagram. Her Instagram feed has minimal colors and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Maria Khoreva

Maria is an admirably talented ballet dancer with a huge army of followers on Instagram (over 200k). Whether she posts a photo of herself on the stage or practicing ballet, the results are simply mind-blowing! The way she can stretch her body is jaw-dropping, while the photos she chooses to post are all aesthetically admirable! Despite her young age, Maria is an inspiration for thousands of other ballet dancers and not only.

Pyper America Smith

Pyper is an already popular musician and model. All her looks are stylish as on the runway so in real life. Besides being very beautiful and sexy, this nineteen-year-old girl is also very talented. She is a member of the quite popular music band The Atomics. And by starting viewing her feed, you understand the meaning of the expression “beautiful people live beautifully”! Pyper has around 800k followers on Instagram.

Matt Sarafa

The new generation is liberated from all kinds of complexes and Matt Sarafa pulls the boundaries even further. This fashion designer started designing clothes at the age of seven and now, at the age of twenty, he is the founder/owner of the popular clothing line HOT MESS. Matt himself showcases all his designs on his Instagram page. Currently, Matt Sarafa has around 140k followers!

You see that being smart, unique and motivated, one can achieve new heights irrespective of the age. Instagram is a fabulous platform for this. And if you need something to boost your creativity, such as a huge number of followers, InstaBF is glad to offer you its help. Here you can order as many Instagram likes, comments and followers as you wish. InstaBF is a safe platform trusted by thousands of consumers from around the world!

Five Great Things to “Steal” From Most Attractive Instagram Accounts

Five Great Things to “Steal” From Most Attractive Instagram Accounts

Undoubtedly, the best results in everything are achieved with practice. Yet, watching those who have already attained what you crave for can also be of a great benefit. This refers to perhaps all spheres and the social network Instagram is not an exception. Closely observing most successful Instagram accounts with endless engagement and massive followers that can be effortlessly converted from fans to real customers, you will find out five foundational aspects that can impressively assist in building a reputation in Instagram. And right now, InstaBF is going to share these authentic characteristics with you. But prior to this, let us introduce you our special offer. InstaBF is the company, that can increase the number of your followers as high as you may wish! We provide Instagram accounts with likes, comments, views, and real followers. And all this is provided on an affordable basis. Order a new portion of likes now and get assured of it yourself.

Consistency of Posting

Beyond any consideration, the first aspect in increasing the number of followers on a daily basis, create firm relationships with your audience, as well as obtain the highest engagement rate, consistent posting is crucial. However, the number of posts to make on a daily basis differs depending on the audience, as well as your niche. For instance, one post per day will be great to leave your audience satisfied yet not bored. It’s also important to mind the time of your posts. Making them around the same time when your audience is most active will bring better engagement. It’s recommended to use applications for scheduling your posts.

Quality Images Only

Unlike Facebook and other social networks, Instagram is all about imagery! And that’s why all users are most fond of this platform. Therefore, it’s natural that high-quality images are to be posted here only. Make sure all images are of the same design and coincide in their themes. There is absolutely no need to hire a photographer for all your images. Using highlights and applications may be of a great help to you. Post crisp, eye-catching and audience-attractive images.

Use Personal Captions

Certainly, all successful Instagram users are well aware of the need to write personal captions. It’s really important to infuse some of your personality into your captions. This way your audience will feel closer to you. Give this a try and watch a flaw of comments on your account.

Get to Know Your Audience

As you can see from the most popular Instagram accounts, those who spend some time on getting to know their fans better, eventually have more truthful followers. And it’s mandatory to attract directly your target audience, the people who will benefit from your posts or offers. Believe, by figuring out your target audience and spending time on engaging them will result in the impressive increase of your followers and your account engagement.

Carry Out a Strategy

A certain adopted strategy or its absolute lack may result in your account engagement level as well. Agree, that the best accounts on this mighty social network have adopted a unique strategy and stick to it. These users research the most appropriate hashtags, consider the best time for posts, use encouraging CTA, get creative bios, etc. All these purpose-driven actions together serve as the clue toward turning your Instagram account into a more successful and organized one.

Get Noticed by Your Favorite Instagram Celebrity

Get Noticed by Your Favorite Instagram Celebrity

Are you following some celebrities on Instagram to have enough life-draining jealousy going on in your life yet can’t make them pay attention to you? Here we shall give you some really crucial advice pieces how to get noticed on Instagram.

Don’t Mention the Bloody Obvious

Any post of a celebrity gets thousands of comments most of which don’t really have any sense. No matter if the photo of a celeb is attractive, interesting or is like hundreds of her/his previous photos, fans keep on commenting. If you, however, are not generous in making comments, instead, giving our preference to keen and witty but rare comments, you are going to win, be certain! By making a compliment a celebrity, you are not going to become her/his favorite fan and be added to friends’ list. So, don’t bother yourself with plain comments or stating what goes without saying. If nothing smart comes to mind, you’d better simply watch, like and pass by the post.

Talk to a Celeb as if He/She will Read It

When you are commenting on a celeb’s photo, do it as if you are going to be answered. You will need to add something really valuable to the conversation, or ask such a question your idol will love to answer, such as “when will be the next tour?” or “Can we expect a new album in the near future?”, and so forth. Try not to be negative or critical, and express your opinion in a polite and interesting manner (perhaps a quote or saying?). Be sure, trolls are always neglected. Just make sure your conversation is natural.

Check the Time

Don’t forget to look at your watch when making a comment. By devoting some time to following his/her activity on Instagram, you’ll guess your idol’s free hours. Don’t worry, stalking a bit won’t hurt anyone! And managing to write a smart comment when he/she is online, you get the chance to be answered. By the way, do never show your desperation. Avoid ever asking a celebrity to follow you, otherwise, you are going to be acquired as an excited dude and not a faithful and sensible fan!

Try to Play on Their Heart Strings

Did your favorite artist post a photo or video you were deeply impressed by? Then why not express it! Show you are inspired by his/her posts and be sure your celeb will be touched. They love the feeling to be loved and their work appreciated. Then give them what they want especially when you do really admire their work. If your celebrity’s photo inspires you to be funny, make your comment humorous.

You, as a faithful fan, can also repost the photo and tag it with an attractive caption.

Having an idol and following his/her activity on Instagram is really wonderful. Yet it definitely feels much better when your comments are answered and you are noticed by your beloved celebrity. Remember that having a huge number of followers immensely raises your chances of getting noticed! InstaBF is here to offer you as many likes, comments or followers as you find sufficient for appearing a professional Instagrammer in your idol’s eyes. Place an order, and have it implemented in a quick and affordable manner!