It’s already the first month of 2019 outdoors and the time of micro-influencers’ reign has started! But what makes influencers with fewer followers the flavor of not only the first month but also the whole 2019 year?! It’s the real engagement that makes collaborating with these people more efficient than with major celebrities. People are interested in not only the half-naked photos of their favorites but in the content micro influencers share on Instagram. Besides, micro influencers have a targeted following with a demographic that’s proven by the un-tainted numbers. And if you are searching ways of working with micro influencers, InstaBF, a well-reputed IG and IGTV provider, is going to give you a detailed guideline on these people. Be sure, by the end of the article, you will understand why micro influencers are the best bang for the buck you have.



Why They’re So Popular?!


Despite the small-seeming following (3000 and more), micro influencers are, in fact, quite a powerful category in the influencer marketing landscape. Fans of these people are well aware of their favorites and nearly always read their captions up to the end. Micro influencers, in their turn, are tightly knit to their online community. Most probably you have guessed by now that people trust the product and service suggestions micro influencers make.

However, before you hurry to collaborate with any micro influencer, look at their media kit, analyze their following and find out whether their demographics fits that of your brand’s. Additionally, search for any previous sponsored posts they have made to find out how quality the image resolutions, captions, and CTAs were. A true micro influencer must have a marketing talent so that to showcase your product/service in the best.



How You Should Start Working


Once you have got a list of micro-influencers with a clear niche that fits your brand, it’s time to contact them. You’d better reach out to them with an ordinary request for a media kit through the email you can find in their bios. If you can’t find an email, there’s always a chance to get in touch with them through a DM. Make your message highly engaging. Include a paragraph about your brand without making it too salesy. Show that your brand has something valuable to offer to the influencer’s community. If you don’t get any response, there’s no point in repeating the request. Most probably the micro influencer isn’t interested in your offer.

Anyway, if you get the media kit, read it carefully before you go into a collaboration bind.



Creating the Brief to the Project


Now, when you are sure to partner with the influencer you have chosen, it’s time to get a brief of the project. The latter is most likely to be an Instagram sponsored grid post. Make sure the following points are included in the brief:

  • background on the campaign;
  • the date range of the content posting;
  • requirements on the post (might include image styles, branded hashtags, the presence of a video, etc,);
  • budget (remember that pricing or begging to drop the price will appear highly unprofessional).


So, now when you know how to partner with an Instagram micro influencer, it’s high time to try out your first campaign. Be alert, creative, decisive, and you will achieve success.