Beyond any doubts, switching to a business profile will bring a professional look to your Instagram account. However, to make the multiple users of this social network follow your posts, stories and the rest stuff, you’ll have to work a bit harder and be somewhat more creative than usual. InstaBF, a popular provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, views, comments, and followers, is going to present to your attention several most effective ways of growing your business profile on Instagram.



Consistent Posting

Most probably, we have referred to this matter a thousand times, yet it’s worth mentioning once more – making posts on Instagram consistently is the key toward keeping your audience engaged. If you fail to provide them with regular engaging content, you are sure to start losing them right away. Therefore, do never skimp on consistency if you plan to grow your business profile on Instagram.



Pay Special Attention to Making Insta Stories

Instagram Stories are often referred to as “snacks” between the main meals of the day, i.e. feed posts. And if you belong to the category of business owners who thinks so, too, then you must be well aware of the importance of these “snacks”. Spend enough time on building creative vertical content, i.e. photos and videos even if it will disappear by the end of the day.



Creating Custom Highlight Covers

The round little bubbles – Instagram highlight covers will turn your Stories you post into evergreen bites of content organized by the topic, theme, or any other theme-type that may come to your mind. This way you will “safeguard” the best Stories from disappearing.



Experimenting with Video Content

If you avoided making video posts on Instagram being afraid they wouldn’t be perfect, you’ve been losing a lot. In fact, video posts on this social network mustn’t obligatorily be flawless. All that is important, is to make them interesting in the eyes of your audience. For this, look closely at your business products, elements, or the brand overall. Determine particularly what can appear the most interesting in your audience’s eyes. Create your video content particularly around that concept. For this, you can use as your smartphone and all the filters it offers, so your old good camera for more vintage appeal. This depends on the style of your brand and the preferences of your audience. Once you have posted a certain quantity of videos, take a glance at your profile’s analytics. Expect far better results than you had before.



Sharing Behind-the-Scenes Stories

Can you think of something more interesting and thrilling for faithful brand followers than having the opportunity to sneak peek into the inner world of the brand?! Give that chance to your followers. Include behind-the-scene images in your Insta Stories whenever you have something upcoming for your audience let that be a new product or an event.

Additionally, share the story of your brand and the approach that you use toward your work team.



Working on Engagement Strategies

Leading a business on Instagram without having a good engagement strategy means wasting time. This will make Insta users come and check out to your business profile much more often than if you’d left your account on its flow.



Collaborating with Other Brands

One of the fastest ways of growing a business profile on Instagram is collaborating with other brands. This can be one offering complementary products or the one having a similar audience. No matter which type of business you select for cooperating with, make sure both of you will benefit from it.



Making Use of Insta Ads

And finally, for growing an Instagram business profile efficiently, you can’t but make use of advertisements. If you haven’t yet been using this tactic, start with Stories. Make some of your Instagram Stories creative advertisements and that will be on a budget, as well.