Scheduling Instagram posts is a great way of having a more organized feed. However, scheduling Instagram Stories is not less important. It’s a sure way of boosting one’s engagement and increasing the following. And if you are still hesitating whether to make use of this time-saving hack or not, InstaBF, a remarkable Instagram and IGTV provider, will showcase five ground reasons why you should consider scheduling Instagram Stories. Ready? Let’s get to work:



You Can Save Much Time


Obviously, the first reason you should schedule your Instagram Stories is saving time. This way you can spend more time on things that really matter such as engaging with your target audience or working on your next marketing campaign. Thanks to modern applications, you can prepare content for Stories for a whole week or so. Moreover, this way you will be able to track your links in one place and never waste time on a search for the right assets later. 



You Will Create a Cohesive Look


With around 500 million active daily Story viewers, preserving your brand aesthetics becomes more than simply important. When you schedule Stories, you see how the whole content will flow together. If necessary, you can even rearrange the order. Be certain, clear aesthetics along with a good narrative flow can make your brand stand out and drive more sales. With so many design applications that are very straightforward to use creating sophisticated and quality Stories is no problem. Having aesthetically-pleasing and seamlessly flowing Instagram Stories look fantastic and attract people to become a part of such an exquisite journey. 



You Can Strategically Plan CTAs


You should never approach Instagram Stories as something insignificant. These are a powerful marketing tool able to drive more traffic to your products and website. If you aren’t in haste when creating an Instagram Story, you can think over and identify all the opportunities to encourage more clicks. Some of the best ways to encourage your target audience to take action include text captions, shoppable product stickers, and CTAs. And when you strategically review your Story content in a visual planner, you see it clear whether all the important bases are covered. Remember to add enough CTAs to drive traffic, yet not too many CTAs to overwhelm people with links. 



You Can Get More Engagement by Posting for Optimal Times


If you choose to schedule your Instagram Stories you have a chance to set a particular time to have the content posted. Knowing at which hours your target audience is more active, you can set the content to be posted at those particular hours. For the Instagram algorithm, the initial engagement is a great indicator. For Instagram, initial reactions to your Stories are a sign that the audience is interested in what you post. 

To make your Stories even more engaging, you should add various interactive stickers. 



You Will Post More Consistently 


Knowing well that life is filled with diversions, it makes sense to schedule Stories to preserve a consistent posting strategy. According to the Instagram algorithm, consistency indicates you are a trustworthy content provider on Instagram and is sure to be great for your engagement levels. Accordingly, the more consistently you make Instagram Stories, the high your chances are to be discovered on your followers’ story feed.