Instagram is on the lips of everyone nowadays! This social media platform has gained such popularity which it didn’t have before. The only fact that there are over one billion active monthly users of Instagram is enough to imagine how popular the service is around the world. And despite this, there are still businesses which have only Facebook accounts. And if you belong to the category of those people, you should immediately change your point of view. Instagram is in fact much more influential than you would ever think. So, do you still wonder why your business should appear on the Instagram social network? Then let InstaBF explain you point by point how you will benefit by moving your business to Instagram. Prior to that, we would also like to inform you that InstaBF offers as many Instagram and IGTV (already) likes, comments, views, and followers as you may need. Just choose the package that best meets your requirements and enjoy a quick rise in your engagement.


The Fastest-Growing Social Media


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat … Can you guess from one attempt which of these popular social platforms grows the fastest? Yes, that’s right – Instagram! Every minute the number of new accounts and active users rise at a tremendous speed! Just count, between September of 2017 to June of 2018, Instagram increased its active user count by two hundred million thus reaching the magic 1 billion! And if Facebook has twice as much active users as Instagram, its popularity seems t have started to decrease. In fact, Facebook has started to age, while younger Instagram has only started its growth to the Olympus! Accordingly, your chances to achieve your customers are higher with Instagram.


Instagram is Where Beautiful People Are


If your business is targeted at young population, using Instagram is much more expedient than any other social network. As compared with Facebook, which is currently struggling to hold on to its young owners, Instagram is attracting more and more cool kids!


The Ease of Use

Instagram is not only very easy to use but also to find other users and brands. With the help of hashtags, geotagging, as well as random offers and ads, you can expose your business to a great number of people from around the world. Doing this, meanwhile, you don’t trespass anyone’s privacy. Additionally, here customers are not only allowed but also encouraged to participate in their favorite brands’ promotions. So, there’s no surprise that some viral businesses have gained a tremendous reputation through Instagram only last year.


The Medium of This Age


It’s counted that this year video advertising will grow by 25% in the States alone and Instagram is standing right in the center of this! The quality visual content was always the core of Instagram’s success, and now it has started to roll out video content for advertisements, too. It’s been proved that regardless of age, people prefer visual content to written one. And if the latter can appear dull for the young, while interactive advertising is too innovative for middle-aged people, visual content serves as a perfect point for all ages.


Better than Amazon?


Instagram is a great platform for driving international business. Sometimes international shipping costs more than the goods themselves. To solve this situation, business owners collaborate with those of foreign countries to sell products right through Instagram. By posting the image of the sold item and interesting a customer, they receive the payment through a local transfer system and deliver the item to the customer. After detecting this, the Instagram social network launched a shopping service in the States along with the native payment method and keeps on expanding the service to other countries. As a result, businesses can save much money on creating websites.