Going Live on Instagram for brands is not an easy thing to do, but once planned carefully and accurately implemented, super results are guaranteed! If you, under the pressure of real time, haven’t yet gone Live, it’s high time you do. Here, on InstaBF’s blog, we are going to share tips and ideas for carrying out amazing Live sessions and boosting your brand awareness immediately. But first of all, if you wonder why you should spend time on this Instagram feature, here are some from a plethora of benefits:



Increased engagement


The Instagram algorithm is always “alert” watching brands’ and their followers’ activities.  And going Live you tell it you are present and working while getting views, likes and comments show people care about what you do and are eager to see more from your brand. Appearing near the top of your followers’ newsfeed and Stories (live videos boost that greatly) makes your brand more important in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm. 



Story priority


You must have noticed that once you open Instagram those Stories that are lives come at the front. And that’s unchangeable. Another reason for going Live more frequently. After going Live, post the video as a Story and your followers will click on it the moment they open the application. 



Answering questions in real time


Fans having questions about your brand will gladly join your Live to get answers to them in real time. Surely, this will demand a couple of extra steps for preparation (such as having to email or DM for answers), but the result is worth the effort. An open dialog with potential customers always enhances the possibility they will become repeat customers. 


Now let’s get down to the useful tips you should use to have resultful Lives. 



Scheme a plan and have a purpose


First of all, you should take time and plan out your Instagram Live. Detect at what time your target audience is most active. Surely, you can just pop on Live any moment you feel inspired, yet carefully planned Lives at peculiar hours will bring a better outcome. In all cases, your Live must have a distinct purpose, share interesting or useful information and inspire followers to take part. 





If it’s the first time you are going Live or you feel nervous about the performance, you can practice beforehand. Record yourself to see what sounds good and what not. And remember that Instagram Live isn’t a speech. It’s rather a conversation. So making notes to hint what you should speak about will be OK. 



Find a company


Having someone with you during your Live makes everything a lot easier. This way you actually have a conversation and it looks more natural – you can play off of each other and back each other when necessary. Having the option to add other users during a Live only facilitates everything.



Keep it personal


Instagram has never been about perfection. On the contrary, it’s all about authenticity. Hence, talk the way you would with your friends and about what interests you or what you are good at. And what’s more important – enjoy your Lives, have fun and your mood will pass to your viewers.