Instagram introduced a new option, which enables users to see the number of the views under their videos in February 2016. It shows how many unique users have watched your video and which of them were „liked“. Thus you can monitor the attendance of your profile and react more sensitively to users’ preferences: what do they like? What can attract their attention? You’ll understand clearly in which way you should go.

Buying Instagram views also gives you an opportunity to get them instantly. There is no need for buyers to wait for months to promote their profiles. Of course, the main purpose of buying Instagram views is to boost up your profile. If people see a small amount of views and they don’t know who you are, they’ll definitely ignore your Instagram account.

Buying Instagram views will make your videos look popular and actual. It goes without saying that all your Instagram videos have to be of high-quality to keep the audience’s attention. But, what’s more, the great plus is that you’re independent from the marketing rules such as „which time would be the best to post the video for getting more views and likes?“. You are free to get plenty of video views at any time, even though you don’t always pay enough attention to the quality.