Did you know that not only brands but also influencers on Instagram need a business profile? Only this way they can get the most out of their Gram marketing. Generally, anyone who is using Instagram as a means for earning money should switch to a business profile. If you are an Instagram influencer, hurry to switch your profile to business. Why? InstaBF, one of the most remarkable IG and IGTV providers in the entire industry, is going to explain it right now.



Benefits of an Instagram Profile


Here are the main pros you will find out if you switch to a business profile:


  • Contact Buttons


One of the main advantages of a business profile is the availability of contact buttons. The latter can take your visitors straight to the necessary destinations. These buttons involve the telephone number, email address, buy … (here you can insert tickets, products, paid tutorials, etc.)


  • More Advanced Analytics


The Instagram social network has claimed to provide its users with advanced analytics specially catered to business profiles. Hence, if you are a smart Instagram marketer or influencer who bases his Gram campaigns on the analytics, you’d better switch to a business profile beforehand.


  • Industry Clarified


Those who have already switched to Instagram business profiles are aware that for this one needs to have a Facebook business page. When setting it up, you are also to select an industry best defining your profile. Particularly that industry will show up on your Gram profile, too. Besides, it’s possible to change the business industry from the settings.


  • Scheduling Tool Changes


Besides the new analytics promised by Instagram, social media has also reported about upping the security measures. Accordingly, only business profile owners will get an access to social media scheduling tools in the near future. Hence, if you are making use of any scheduling platform (no matter which), you will have to switch to business profile to keep on using it.


  • Better Recognition by Brands


One of the major things brands pay attention to when deciding whether to cooperate with an Instagram influencer or not is how seriously they approach Instagramming. Be certain, every brand susses out the real intentions of an influencer (if they are just for free stuff or look for serious collaborations) before offering an agreement. One of the things that can assure them in your serious intentions is turning your profile into a business one.



False Rumors Spread About Instagram Business Profiles


Most rumors spread about Instagram business profiles refer to a significant drop of reach once they turn to business profile. Actually, this has nothing to do with the reality. In fact, these rumors are spread by those Instagram users who refuse to put enough effort into creating the right content, developing a hashtag strategy, watching out the consistency of posting.

However, in case you stay dissatisfied with a business profile, which is less likely, there’s always a chance to get back to a personal profile. Just go to the settings and scroll down until you find the option to revert a personal profile.