You must have had situations of staring at your smartphone totally fresh out of any ideas what to post on Instagram, haven’t you? Generally, coming up blank is absolutely normal for those Instagrammers who look to preserving a consistent stream of posts and a busy content calendar. Then a question arises – what should you do when you have to post something but don’t know what? Your true Instagram and IGTV provider InstaBF will offer several working strategies to spark some creativity.



Highlight from Your Community


One of the best-working ideas that will also help you build affinity and trust with your audience is spotlighting a member of your community. The best thing in this is that your post may be about anything from success stories to calling attention to some accounts. In fact, there’s no wrong way here! 



Share Quotes


Quotes are often approached as “filler content”. And really, people mostly post quotes when they have run out of ideas and have nothing saved in the phone to post now. However, quotes have much more power than that. They can become a part of an effective Instagram marketing. So, share inspiring, funny or wise quotes depending on your brand voice and your target audience.



Share Your Beloved Instagram Holidays


Have noticed what a huge variety of social media holidays there are to mention? Most of them can be ideal for filling out your content calendar whenever you feel lost of content. Additionally, these holidays can be perfect for sharing timely content that relates to your brand products. 

Anyway, when you choose to celebrate a social media holiday, make certain it is aligned with the mission of your brand. Both you and your followers should enjoy the content. 



Share Lifestyle Content


Generally Lifestyle Content can fit any gender and category. This may range from food pictures to sunset images. The most important point here is to make sure the post matches the aesthetic and identity of your brand. Besides, your ideal consumer’s interests must be satisfied anyway. For instance, if you are making sportswear, you could post an image of a path in a forest your perfect customer could pass wearing your brand’s shoes. 



Share UGC from Your Community


UGC can make your feed more interesting and entertaining. According to the statistics, User-generated content is up to 50% more trustworthy than other media type. Surely, this doesn’t mean it’s worth posting every IG post you are tagged in. Instead of this, you can create a branded hashtag and encourage your followers to share content related to your brand. From there, you can pick up the best and post whenever you have nothing special to post. 



Share Behind-the-Scene Content


“What to post on Instagram” has another amazing solution – posting behind-the-scene content. The latter is both interesting to your followers and educative about your brand. Be sure, your faithful followers are curious about how your products are made, who are those people who work on the products they use, etc.