Why is this guy so popular? How did he manage to get so many followers? These are some of the questions which come to our mind while we are scrolling down our feed on Instagram. Of course, many of us want to be «liked» in that way too. But first of all, you have to keep in mind what you want to share with people. Some of us can answer this question without hesitation. For others we have the top five ideas listed below which can help you on your way to gaining your audience and fame on Instagram. Ready to find out? Then let’s start!


Many of us take pleasure in visiting new countries and learning about new cultures. So why not to use it as an Instagram conception? Guide books are all very good, but you won’t always find information about hidden streets or bars which serve awesome traditional drinks. You can be the Instagram blogger who inspires people to go on a crazy Safari trip or go on a relaxing beach holiday. No matter what destination you choose – share your experience on Instagram by posting photos, videos and adding thrilling captions to them.


Probably everyone faces the question of where to eat while arranging a meeting or planning to go out. If you are the one who can give tips on where to have a perfect meal, then take a picture of what is on your plate and upload it to Instagram and don’t forget to add a geotag.

Some of us are vegetarians, others have a sweet tooth, you can choose for yourself what to post. Having good cooking skills can also be a great advantage, because you are free to share your recipes with followers. Post photos of your meal on Instagram, make other people’s mouth water and gain your likes for food.

Sport and healthy lifestyle

Are you keen on sports? Do you stick to a healthy diet? If the answer is yes, then you should start your Instagram blog right now! You can collaborate with other Instagram users, make videos about how to exercise and eat healthy. You have a great chance to inspire others by sharing your experience and showing the results of your body transformation. Besides, your followers will help you to stay motivated and not to give up by leaving comments and liking your Instagram posts.

Style and beauty

Want to become a fashion blogger? Get stuff for free and advertise it on your Instagram page? If you easily combine things which don’t match or you can turn a beast into a beauty not by waving a magic wand, but by applying makeup then you are likely to gain favor among Instagram users in no time. Every more or less popular brand has its Instagram page now, that is why if you want to be noticed by people who are influential in  fashion and cosmetic industries you should sign up on this platform. The more trends or personal ideas expressed in your outfits you post the bigger becomes your Instagram audience. Don’t hesitate to add popular hashtags, tag brands on your photos and write interesting captions.


Most of us have interesting busy lives filled with different activities. Are you an artist or a student? Do you spend your free time reading books or exploring latest games on your PS4? Go ahead and tell people about what you like, you can successfully promote yourself on Instagram. Add hashtags and followers from all over the world will find you. Take interesting pictures and add nice filters to them to make your page look great.

And last but not least don’t try to copy other famous Instagram accounts. People will notice that you are a fake. Finding your own way and creating unique content is always fun and exciting.