Are you a music promoter? If yes, then you must be posting on Instagram daily. Your posts most probably are devoted to artists and their tours. Besides this, as a good Insta promoter, you must be adhering to a well-defined hashtag strategy, as well as have a unique feature Get Tickets button right on your profile. If all this refers to you, then you are doing your work well. And what about geotagging? Have you included this key step in your Instagram strategy? If not, it’s high time to think about it. Geotagging is the same as assigning a specific location to all Insta posts of the festival or venue you promote. With it, you can reach up your target and local audience much easier. Just imagine how high the chances of getting found by those fans who are making location-based searches become! All this is a sure way toward attaining more engagement, more ticket sales, and a higher recognition level.

So, today one of those IG and IGTV providers you can apply to round the clock is going to share with you the four essential things every music promoter should know about Insta geotagging.



Geotagged Posts Bring 80% More Engagement


According to the statistics, those posts the locations of which have been specified, get around 80% more engagement than others. Additionally, such high engagement is even more quality as it comes from better-qualified customers. These can be local fans who are interested in both regional and local events.

So, if you tag the same location on all posts made in the same location within the framework of the same music event, you are sure to create content and buzz at the location thus inspiring other users to tag that very location in their posts.

And at last, once you add a location, your fans will find you easier in the real world if they suddenly determine to join your event.



Geotagging Adds Images to a Photo Map


Whether to tag the city or specify the precise address of the venue is up to you. But if you opt for the latter, you will benefit a lot. When your fans tap the geotag you mentioned, they will be able to see all the images tagged to that very location both by you and your fans. This might encourage them to post their own photos and tag to that location.  Besides, with a photo map, you will interact with fans that have come to the show directly.

By the way, if you have stored some photos to post later, you can do it from your home and tag the location they were taken in. Instagram doesn’t imply you have to be in the exact location to be able to use a geotag.



Setting Up Your Event as a Geotag Location Is Quite Easy


If you can’t find the location you need for your event in Instagram’s list of locations, there won’t be any problem with adding a new one. In fact, it’s very simple. Just adhere to the following steps:

  1. Make certain you have switched on the location services on your gadget. If it’s an iOS device, go Settings>Account Setting>Location.  
  2. Get to your target area, make a check-in post, and enter the name of the event as the location. Search results at the bottom of the list and tap the option “add a new location”.
  3. Pick up the right type of business from the prompts.
  4. Once it asks for the location, click on “I’m currently here”.
  5. Once you publish your status, the new location will appear on IG.



Use Location Stickers in Instagram Stories


IG stories are promised to be the future of both Instagram and generally social media. Hence, this is something you simply have no right to ignore. Now you can use location stickers right on Instagram stories. Besides, if the location is the name of your festival, you will be able to include your brand name right on your story.