Have you ever wondered how your Instagram followers found you? If you seriously plan to raise your audience on this social platform, you should be deeply interested in the ways people can reach up to your account. Surely, some ways are out of your control, yet there are aspects you can influence if you wish. So, as you must have already guessed, InstaBF is going to reveal the methods people can reach up to your page. But before that, we would like to introduce our special offer to you. InstaBF is a fast and secure service where you can order numerous likes, comments, and followers for your Instagram account. Be certain, your order will proceed in a matter of minutes!

Hashtag Search

The first way people find you is the hashtag you use on your post. If it’s you who controls what tags are used, you have no control over how many people see them. Additionally, you can’t have an impact on how many people use the same hashtag, either. And the more people use the same hashtag as you, the less likely your post is to be noticed. For instance, if only around one hundred people use a particular hashtag, you have all the chances to be reached by multiple Instagram users.

Insta Suggests

Once you want to follow someone on Instagram, the service offers three other similar accounts that may interest you. And whether you are suggested to other Instagram users or not depends on the software’s algorithm. You have no power to affect it. However, to raise your chances to be offered to others, make a clear bio that states who you are and which are your interests. Additionally, make sure you use hashtags, connect to other users in the same niche as yours, and have a narrowed account.

Discover New People

There is a special tab on Instagram that allows discovering new users on this social network. As a rule, which accounts are included in this tab are determined by Instagram. It picks up accounts followed by multiple accounts which you follow, or those who you like on Facebook (you know that Insta and Facebook are connected, don’t you?).

Power of Spoken Words

Quality content is always appreciated and praised by people even if the matter concerns such a giant social media as Instagram. Be sure, if you constantly post interesting content that may be helpful to people, they will spread a word about you not only in the virtual but also in the real life. By the way, if you have loyal followers, you can always ask them to raise your Instagram account reputation among other users (their followers).


Organizing contests on Instagram is very trendy nowadays. It’s not only a great fun but also a means of increasing the number of followers, though temporarily. Why temporarily? Just because people join these contests not for the content you post, but for the prizes. And once the contest is over, the greatest part of followers you gained during that particular time period is likely to be reduced. They won’t like to interact with you outside of the contest. However, at least you’ll know for sure which followers you currently have were “brought” by the contest!