Like a devoted Instagrammer, you must have spotted the fabulous new video effects this social network has recently added to Stories’ capabilities. As Instagram Stories keep on rapidly growing in popularity, users need updates and new opportunities to make them even more impressive and remarkable. And now InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider, will present to your attention several ways of adding flair to your Insta Stories, highlighting a video of a product or an event, increasing Instagram engagement, and creating a signature style for you on this social media. So, with this said, let’s dive into it right away! In fact, you can add video effects both prior to filming a Story and after it.


  • Subtle Video Effect


The Subtle filter has been created to soften an image. It will even give a bit o’face tuning. If you aren’t sure what effect to go to in your Story video, this will be the right choice.



  • Bloom Video Effect


Another amazing video effect for an Instagram Story is the Bloom effect. This reserved effect brings some color, as well as some bokeh goodness to a video. Be sure, your followers will appreciate your new Bloom videos!



  • Watercolor Video Effect


Artists and super-creative Instagrammers can’t stay indifferent to Watercolor effect. The latter makes any video truly unique and creative, especially when it has vibrant colors.



  • Duo Tone Video Effect


Do you consider yourself particularly original and a little bit crazy? Do your followers love your extraordinary content? If yes, then this somewhat polarizing effect is the perfect option for you.



  • Led Starburst Video Effect


Another interesting Video effect is great for those videos that have something in the center to drive attention to. Led Starburst is the effect you need to focus whatever you have in the center of your video.



  • B&W Film Video Effect


There are millions of big black and white film fans on Instagram. Are you one of them? If yes, then this filter is ideal for you. It’s a lot of fun particularly for models, actors, comedians, or those who want to add some old timely fun to their Stories.



  • Red Gradient Video Effect


Using this video effect for your Instagram Stories is somewhat dangerous. In fact, it has a lot of red! Use it wisely and make your signature effect only when you get your followers’ appreciation.



  • Prism Light Video Effect


Want to add some color yet not on the whole video? Prism Light subtle rainbow video effect will be great!



  • Glitter Video Effect


One of the most favorite video effects of plenty of Instagrammers is Glitter. If you don’t feel comfortable throwing a bucket of glitter in the air every time you shoot a video, give a go to Glitter video effect. It’s amazing for making glamorous and fun Stories.


So, you see there’s a bunch of new effects you can make use of any time you find your Instagram Story video looks somewhat boring. This was only the “surface” and there are plenty of others to give a try, too. By the way, Instagram adds new juicy options regularly. Don’t miss your chance but try them all to find the most suitable one to emphasize your unique brand voice.