It’s a common matter for any business to think about what they can do for their customers. But few think what customers can do for brands.

When a brand spends big money on manufacturing goods or designing services, advertising, and PR campaigns, this means the whole money is spent particularly on customers, on attracting and keeping them, to be more precise. With so much focus on all this, brands forget to question what customers can do for them besides buying their products or services. In fact, customers’ experiences can be used for growing a brand’s presence and expand its market. With this said, InstaBF is going to reveal the secrets of “using” customers for the benefit of your business promotion on Instagram! InstaBF, one of the leading providers of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers, is always by your side to support you whether you are an ordinary Instagram user or running a business on this social network.



The Secret about Complaints

As a brand owner, you must have dealt with a couple (or a couple of hundred, to be franker) of complaints from your customers like any other brand does. Most of them don’t even bother to write you DMs but leave comments right under the images you post on Instagram. And if the vast majority of these complaints can’t but are taken with a grain of salt, there are some which really have valid points. Particularly such Instagram comments can be used to make your brand more user-friendly on this social platform.

However, the thing is that if you have complaining customers, it’s only to your benefit. Everything goes more complicated with silent dissatisfied clients. And believe us, only one or two disappointed customers deliver their complaints to you. Others just stop using your product and pass to your competitors leaving you frustrated guessing “what’s wrong”!

So, if you have determined to grow your business, it’s crucial to make silent customers express themselves thus giving you a direction on what to change in your production/service to regain their trust. To talk your silent discontent clients into leaving feedback, there are three working tips:



Despite all the innovations we have nowadays, calling directly to your customers is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to your clientele. Taking into consideration the fact that around 70% of people drop the call once they understand they are dealing with a robot, it’s better to opt for contacting to clients with the help of a real person. Phone conversations invite open dialogues, in which you can find out any complaints your clients may have, hear their opinions and offers and, finally, make them trust you once more!


Live Chat

Today one can’t imagine not having the opportunity to contact a certain brand through a live chat. This option makes it possible for customers to find out any matters they are concerned with. This can be asking questions about the products/services, asking for advice in maintaining or exploiting a certain product, stating complaints, etc. And if you have already set that small toolbar at the bottom of your website, encourage your Instagram followers to contact you through DM. Surely, for this, you have to spend the majority of your time online to manage to answer your clients in a timely manner, yet running a business efficiently demands some sacrifices!


Abandon Cart Pop-Ups

And the third tip in our mission to make clients leave feedback is using “abandon cart pop-ups”. These are those little windows that open once the website visitor empties their cart or tries to leave the page in the process of check out. With your pop-up, you can ask several questions to find out the reason for their behavior. Use questions to detect whether the user is leaving the website because of the high prices, the lack of product they were searching, difficult navigation, or just ask them to state why. Even though this can’t be used on your Instagram business account, make certain you have empowered it on the website of your company.

On your Instagram business account, meanwhile, you can make constant queries to ask people to share their opinions about your brand. Organize “evenings of sincerity” by announcing about them through your Insta story ads beforehand.