In our previous post, we started such a topic as to how your Instagram account can benefit from stock images. Using stock images is perhaps the fastest and easiest way of filling an Instagram account with premium-quality content whenever you have no time or funds to create new stuff. Anyway, before using one, it’s crucial to remember that there’s a wide breadth of quality levels and genre types of stock imagery available today. Accordingly, don’t skimp on time when choosing stock content but make a thorough research to find the content best fitting your brand voice.

Today, InstaBF is going to develop this topic and bring to your attention other several ways of incorporating stock content to your Instagram feed. But before that, let us remind you that InstaBF is the service you can always rely on whenever you need Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views.



Adding Background to Promo Videos


Stock images are great, but stock videos are even better! They can be effectively used as backgrounds or b-rolls to your brand’s promo videos. They will make your video message highly engaging and interesting. For instance, if you have a travel company that has set big sales, deliver your message with stock footage of a new-married couple packing their things boarding the flight and arriving at their honeymoon destination.



Color Blocking on Instagram Feed


Do you think the color blocking trend on Instagram awesome, too? These series of likely toned photos all posted alongside each other to boost a product lunch or a certain campaign are widespread on this social network. However, unless you have a graphic designer or a social media editor, achieving such a feed will be a challenge. But don’t hurry to get upset, as there are so many stock images, videos, and illustrations in the same color palette that can be used for color blocking your feed. Shutterstock is one of the sources you can get them.



Getting Vectors for Stories


Would you like to add an engaging design element to your Gram Stories? Well, vectors can be a wonderful way! Cool arrows and lines, pretty lightning bolts, text boxes for subtitle highlighting, and many other vectors will augment all your messages you want to deliver to your audience through Instagram Stories. Use stock images to craft a strong brand feed to speak loud about your business while immensely saving on the expenses graphic designers and professional photographers would demand if hired.


Stock content is a simple solution to help you craft an amazing Instagram feed that perfectly shows who you are as a brand! Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can rely only on stock images and neglect the importance of creating custom stuff. Posting exceptionally (or majorly) stock content, you will dilute your personal style and vibe. Remember that you have attracted your followers particularly due to the content you post, your peculiar voice and style. Once you start posting too much stock content, you run a risk of losing your followers’ interest and loyalty. Additionally, soon you will see your feed has become too generic. View stock images as a helping hand in situations when you are stuck with ideas, time or money.