Do you remember the time when using stock images and videos on Instagram was a sign of a bad reputation and a lack of creativity? Well, gone are those times, cause now implementing stock photo and video content in a Gram account has become a big trend! Actually, these are easy, creative and so engaging means of filling a social media account. And what makes them so great – they don’t require extra work! All that one needs is to get the right style so that to build an impressive Instagram aesthetic and deliver the right message to one’s followers. So, as you have probably guessed, InstaBF, the Instagram and IGTV provider you have already got used to, is going to offer you several fantastic ways of integrating stock content in your Insta feed.



Mixing Stock and Custom Content


Far not all brands have big Instagram marketing budgets. And if yours is tight, either, commissioning custom content every month will definitely be out of reach. Surely, user-generated content will significantly fill and enrich your Gram feed, but one can’t always rely on it. And in case you need to add some text to that particular image, you will stand in front of a drawback. So, you can opt for using stock images paired with your UGC and branded content. Choose an image from endless options, add a suitable sticker, text or whatever you need.



Illustrations for Highlights Cover Images


One can’t but feels sorry once 24 hours pass and your magnificent stories have to disappear. You can “save” them to Instagram Stories Highlights. Obviously, you’d like your followers to notice your highlights. For this, make certain highlights cover icon is clear and catching. Stock illustrations can be a great option. Choose one for each highlight yet be sure all of them are along the similar theme and style. For instance, you can choose a plane icon for all those stories related to travelling.



Using as Backgrounds for Quote Posts


Quote posts have long been trendy on Instagram and they are wide-spread today, too. To make yours stand out in the crowd, find an amazing background from stock images. Such backgrounds can also be used for inspirational messages, campaign headlines, and anything else you’d like to share on Insta. This way you will escape extra expenses on a graphic designer or on hiring an in-house photographer. Depending on what type of background you need, search for it with a respectable keyword.



Using as Backgrounds for Product Images


Who said that products must be displayed only on boring white backgrounds?! Why not use colorful or textured options. Find a background color, graphic or texture that looks best with your product and brand. To use a background from stock images on this purpose, you may need to use software such as Adobe Lightroom, Shutterstock Editor, etc.



Telling Stories with Carousel Posts


Carousel posts make it possible for Instagrammers (especially brands) to boost their storytelling game. But in case of running low on custom content, you may find stock photos highly useful. To create a grandiose carousel post with stock photos, choose impressive ones that will catch Instagrammers’ attention from the first sight. Even if the carousel post contains only three images, it can be a great success if the images are chosen accurately. These can be scenic or landscape images enriched with smart or funny quotes. You may also add your product photos to such carousel posts. The choice is yours – Instagram allows and demands to be creative while stock images make achieve good results easier.