Every brand trying to achieve success through Instagram should check out the close friends list on this social media. The latter will let drive more interest in your campaigns, live broadcasts, product launches and so much more! Actually, there’s a ton of opportunities for a business to scheme original content and share real behind-the-scene moments with its target audience. And if you don’t feel sure where to start, it’s worth having a look at our list of creative ways you can use Insta’s close friends list to your brand’s benefit. InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, is always there to share fresh content and tips with you!



Friends List for Collaborations and Influencers


Brands have started giving somewhat more independence to their influencer partners this year. If businesses gave strict guidelines about what influencers can or can’t say before, nowadays they allow influencers to use their authentic unique voice in creating promotional content. This way the results look quite natural both to their accounts and their audience. Especially for this, influencer partners must be added to the close friends list. Here the business owner can add the key information about the products, new features and anything else that might be helpful for the collaboration.  



Friends List for Collecting Customer Feedback


A close friends list can be a wonderful way for engaging with Instagram audience while crowdsourcing ideas for the next marketing campaign or gathering crucial information such as your customers’ feedback, etc. In case you offer e-commerce products, create a list and include those customers who have recently purchased your products. Then ask them to share their opinions on the products through a question or an Instagram Stories poll sticker.



Friends List to Take Followers to the Behind-the-Scenes


Do you know which is the best way to harness exclusivity on Instagram? Creating a friends list and sharing previews on the upcoming campaigns or products is a good option. And be sure, that works! You can view it as a sort of VIP mailing list. Your followers will be delighted to get behind-the-scenes videos, announcements, etc. Don’t forget to encourage others to sign-up for your friends list and be treated like VIP.



Friends List to Share Exclusive Offers


Like no other social media, Instagram is the platform with a huge number of customers sharing content about brands on their own accounts. And if your brand has its own loyalists, it is definitely worth creating a close friends list for them. Here you can share discounts, coupon codes with them, or give them early access to new products. This will make them feel more appreciated and eager to come back for more, as well as spread a couple of good words about your brand.



Friends List to Create Excitement Around a Product Launch


Planning the launch of a new product on Instagram is not only exciting but also very responsible and daunting. It gives a brand a chance to attract new followers, make sales and convert followers to customers. To build hype around your new product release, create a close friends list. This way you will keep your audience engaged days and even weeks before the big day. Just remember to release very few details about the upcoming release so that your strategy to drive your followers to a frenzy through your mystery works.