Instagram Archive feature can become the best tool to cope with a series of issues. If you wonder how you can use it, we shall uncover it in this post. InstaBF is going to present to your attention three best ways of incorporating this Instagram feature into your strategy. But first, let’s go over how it works.

If you suddenly realized you no longer want a certain photo or video you posted earlier be seen in your feed, don’t hurry to delete it. It’s better to archive the content, thus sending it to your private gallery that only you have an access to. By the way, all comments and likes are archived with the content. Now let’s turn to the best options for using Instagram Archive.

Preparing Your Audience for a Big Announcement

Are you planning something big and important? If yes, and you are searching a way to generate a tone of hype around it thus making your followers expect your next appearance with a trembling heart, Instagram Archive feature is what you need. Archive all your posts and leave your followers with an absolutely empty feed. Be certain they will start speculating around what’s going on. And when the time comes, make an impressive return. This trick is mostly used by artists and brands, which have new projects and collections to present to their followers. But even an ordinary Instagram user can fulfill this trick if he has something interesting to appear with.

After you return to Instagram with your announcement or new content, you can either un-archive the old content or start fresh.

Fulfilling a Clean-Up

If you find you need a good audit to reveal the reasons why your account doesn’t have the engagement you strive to achieve, Instagram Archive feature can come to help. Look through your profile to detect the posts that may not look so good with the rest. Perhaps you have adjusted the color palette of your brand and find some posts spoil the whole new image. Go ahead and archive the “guilty” posts. If you see the aesthetics of your Instagram profile is enhanced, there is no sense in un-archiving the posts. Yet, if no progress is registered, there is always a chance of going back to where you started everything.

By the way, there is also a way of archiving an entire pile of posts with one color palette, filter, etc.

Removing Expired Content

There are multiple reasons why certain content posted on Instagram may be no longer relevant. Perhaps these are products no longer on sale, or perhaps a re-branding has been made. Surely, there is always an option of deleting that particular content. Yet, why delete if you can archive it and have an access to view it whenever needed? There is absolutely no need to lose the valuable data. Archive it thus preserving the engagement rates it has.

So, whatever motives you have for using Instagram Archive feature, you will only benefit from it. Instagram is full of wonders, and this feature is one of them!

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