The proper use of Instagram makes it a perfect tool for business promotion and sales increase. The current number of active Instagram advertisers exceeds 1 million. According to the official statistics, about 80% of Instagram users are followers of this or that brand or company.

Still, there are some things you should keep in mind to turn your Instagram account into a great sales channel. We will highlight a few techniques increasing the conversion of your followers into customers.

Create Catchy Content And Get More Likes From Your Followers

Almost any Instagram user has to face mass-following: lots of commercial accounts are adding you to friend list and all these accounts are clones of each other. The content is boring, dull, and often dumb. Tons of cheap, copy-pasted posts become irritating and make people block the brand account. Such promotion also has quite a negative influence on the reputation of the company.

So, your task is to create really great, almost unforgettable content.

It is not a rocket science actually – use high-quality, original, and catchy images. This is the only way to get likes, followers, and, in the end, increase your sales.

Well, it often happens that your products are not too visually exciting (or, probably, you have lots of similar products in your catalog). That’s not a problem! Post some amusing insider facts, funny stories about your colleagues and your daily routine, share some knowledge about your profession and your business. Share the content with your friends, colleagues, and family for testing purposes – would they follow such an account? Sure, you can purchase likes, followers, and views for your account, still, you should keep in mind that it is only a part of promotion strategy that will help you to warm-up your target audience. Buying a reasonable number of likes for this or that post may help you to demonstrate that your community is lively and active and creates a positive image for the newcomers. A large number of followers in your community can also assure you more new leads and creates the impression of a highly credible brand/company.

Communicate with Your Followers

There are hundreds of techniques to draw and retain your customers’ attention. Launch a contest and encourage your followers to make the ¬†craziest photos/videos with your products (bikes or skateboards), let them share their positive user experiences (tools, cars), thoughts of creative use of the products purchased from you (musical instruments, artistic goods), their favorite recipes (food) or just leave a comment about your product. Do not forget to provide a good gift! Buy likes to promote the most spectacular posts, boost the hype and promote your brand hashtag.

Instagram allows the creation of detailed product reviews (with the addition of photo reports and videos). The main idea is to make your followers create such type of content for you. Buying views for preferable video demonstrations of your product will promote the most active participants of your community and make them even more loyal to your brand. In this case, the content is provided by your customers and you should only advertise it.

Do not forget about flashmobs – it is a great way to promote your hashtag. For example, Nike used famous “Just do it!” slogan as a hashtag for the flashmob encouraging their followers to share the photos and videos. The result was astonishing – 11 million people participated in it. Getting real likes and comments for the most interesting posts with you hashtag may kick-start such a campaign.