Instagram marketing podcasts are a great source of learning all the necessary nuances about such an “art” as internet marketing. As a rule, these podcasts are addressed to assisting you in growing your Instagram business account. And if you got interested in the most useful podcasts, InstaBF, a popular Instagram provider, will be glad to present to your attention five most effective Instagram podcast episodes. Be certain, you will have a better idea how to perfect your Instagram marketing strategy, achieve a higher engagement and drive more sales on this social platform.


Doubling Instagram Growth

Jenna Kutcher is an expert when it refers to growing a massive number of Instagram followers in the shortest possible times. That comes to prove over 500k followers she currently has. In fact, she was able to double the number of her Insta followers in only one month! How did she manage that? One can find that out in the 155th episode of The Goal Digger Podcast.

According to Jenna, posts with her own photos turned out to be more popular than others. She carried out her own experiment and the results were amazing. In one month entirely dedicated to posting her own photographs, she had her engagement rate skyrocket up to 9% per every post, while there was also one post obtaining over 21% engagement!


Attention towards Influencer Marketing

The next effective podcast is suggested by Amber Venz Box & Sophia Amoruso. Even though the author doesn’t provide any practical tips related to influencer marketing, it shed a light on its entire history, showcases all the trends and forces that play a major role in the market today. Accordingly, if you’ve been considering whether to run an influencer marketing on Instagram or not, this podcast is able to push you into the right decision.


A View on Instagram by its Founders

Will you agree if we say that besides being extremely inspirational, it’s so educative and thrilling to hear about the birth and general conception of such a giant social media as Instagram from its founders? If yes, then the podcast “How I Built This” by Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger will interest you. The episode contains information on both the platform’s successes and failures.


Creating Efficient Instagram Marketing

Unlike the podcast by Amber Venz Box, that created by a digital entrepreneur and founder of PeopleMap Jennifer Puno contains precise steps how to create and run an effective social media marketing. In her story, she tells how she managed to grow from 0 to 80,000 followers in just one year. Adhering to the ton of tips and tools offered by Jennifer, you can quickly build your own influence on Instagram!

Promoting Your Courses

Who if not Alex Tooby knows what to do to drive amazing marketing results on Instagram? One of her podcasts titled “Femtrepreneur” tells a series of topics concerning how to curate an attractive Instagram feed, how to build an email funnel, and, majorly, how to convert Instagram followers into customers. Tooby herself has some experience in launching courses on Instagram, which we need to admire, are greatly popular. And with her decent tips, monetizing your Insta account due to building a clear and effective strategy, is already possible.