Business always implies partnership. As we know, Instagram has become irreplaceable platform for business promotion.This is how you can get profit. Followers and shops can become your partners on Instagram. Generally speaking, partners are interesting people, who share new ideas with you, and establish progressive cooperation on the basis of advantages. This article describes simple ways of cooperation.


Get leased products: find someone, who’ll agree to give you stuff. This type of cooperation makes it possible for you to advertise your partner’s product, and you get to make beautiful interesting images. The main idea of this method is that a seller gets content and a partner makes advertisement. Besides, in such a way content includes beautiful details, which always makes photos incredible.


A partnership discount consists of your personal intriguing offer and a discount in a partner’s shop. It not only allows to attract followers to a seller’s shop, but a customer also gets interested in a partner. All in all, both of you get potential buyers. This specific feature is a unique proposal only for followers.

You can also make discounts on your own. Thus you can motivate a customer to follow you, to buy and to stay with you forever, because you offer profitable things! To do this  use special promotional codes and coupons. In such a way followers save money and feel that you care about them!



Partnership example


Everybody likes gifts! Cooperate with somebody, whose goods are perfectly combined with yours and organize a draw or a give-away. It is always pleasant to get something for free. In Instagram sales promotion it can mean two things: free samples of goods, which you can try and look at; free gifts upon purchase of certain goods. The following types of remunerations belong to the category of free: free samples and free gifts.

We have made the short review of using partnership on Instagram. If you want to share the experience: contact us!