Can you guess from the first attempt what separates Instagram users with a hundred of followers from those with thousands? Surely, that’s the Instagram feed! People follow you on this social network either if you are acquaintances or if they like your feed. Let’s miss the first option, as there is absolutely nothing to speak about, and pass to the second option. Today InstaBF is going to address the matter of creating a superb Instagram feed and the grid layout in particular. If you manage to plan each square carefully, you will have a consistent layout to attract today’s scrupulous users. But before we pass to our topic, let us remind you that InstaBF is available 24/7 for all those Instagram users who need likes, comments and new followers in a timely and affordable manner. We are also glad to inform you that from now on you can turn to us to supply your IGTV likes and comments!


Squares Layout

Perhaps the most widely used layout type is the square one. For this, you need to post exceptionally square photos. However, the correctly-chosen color scheme here is a must. Pick up one or two catching colors while making other stick to the consistent filter. This was a consistent feel will be guaranteed. For instance, black and white photos with supplementing grays, browns or greens (all in mild tones) is a win-win option.

In all cases, it’s crucial to choose the colors and aesthetics that perfectly go with your personality or brand.


Checkerboard Feed

This is another top-popular grid type. It alternates between two post types or hues. You can see many influencers and brands posting an image, then a quote, then again an image followed by another quote. This way they combine text and visuals to deliver the message they want.

If you opt for this checkerboard feed type, remember to stick to a certain font type and background for quotes.  


Row by Row Grid  

If you are attracted to use a row by row layout for your Instagram feed, make sure each row tells a separate story. Watching your feed must resemble browsing through a catalog. So, all the three photos in a horizontal row must be related to each other in regard to the color and visual aesthetics.


Vertical Lines Layout

The whole trick of another quite popular layout type called vertical lines is to post quotes in the middle of the feed that all have a consistent background. This way the feed will create the look of vertical lines. The first and the last lines are to be filled with images that have the same aesthetics as the backgrounds of the quotes.


Diagonal Grid

Diagonal grids look so original and modern! Here the trick is to post photos with the same aesthetics (color, photo type, filters) in diagonal lines. These can be as ordinary images so quotes. In the case of the latter, make sure the fonts and backgrounds are consistent.


Rainbow Feed

Applying a rainbow feed is not only very stylish but also quite difficult. The key here is to change the colors, filters, and edits, or entirely the themes of the images every other three, six or nine images. The transitions between the colors should be organic.


Puzzle Layout

If you are not afraid of hardships, go ahead to puzzle layouts. The latter will demand quite much organization. In fact, the entire feed usually composed of nine parts forms only one picture. To manage this, take a photo and then divide it into nine parts. Post each part individually so that it is enlarged. The most difficult part here is to make sure that each part separately stands out on its own, too.

No matter, which grid type you pick up for your feed (you can also alternate all the mentioned types thus creating a mixed grid), make sure you use either black or white borders for all photos depending on the aesthetics of the photos.