Behind every girl’s perfect Instagram image, there is a usually unwilling boyfriend standing with the camera. Perhaps you have your own boyfriend taking your photos, or a friend willing to realize your presumed images. In such a case, it’s great for you! But what if there isn’t any Instagram boyfriend dedicated to capturing fabulous images of you? Can you trust a stranger such an important task as capturing your image once you find a fantastic background for an Instagram image? We doubt you can. Particularly for this reason, there is a funny Korean photo application that can solve such situations. It’s named SOVS (some one very special)! And today InstaBF will address this application as it is sure to be helpful for many Insta users. Before we pass to describing how the application works and what it offers, let us introduce you to some grandiose packages InstaBF has for its clients. We are a fast service who cares about its customers and is ready to provide Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers at amazingly affordable costs! All the followers we offer are HQ with real looking profiles. Hence, you can’t be ever blamed for using bots or automated services.



How SOVS Works

The concept of this application is quite straightforward. Here is what you are to do. Select your preferred pose from the menu of different white outlines, then pass the phone to someone nearby and ask him/her to superimpose the chosen avatar over you. There is a chance to select either a square ratio or 3:4 shot, customize the size of the outlines and move them the way you like. It’s up to you whether to use the pattern as a guide and let it disappear once the image is captured, or let the draft appear in the image.

It’s a pity but this application is yet available only for iOS devices. Instagram users with Android smartphones will have to wait, yet. Currently, there are two versions of this application – SOVS designed to take solo images (costs 99 cents), and SOVS2 created to take group photos in some fantastic poses (free app). Definitely, the developer included some in-application purchases that can make some grandiose changes to your photos. There are such packages of poses as Heartpack, Fourpack, Energypack, Twinpark, Kisspack, Basicpack, and many others. These are all paid apps (around $1) and they are getting refreshed from time to time. Just imagine what a funny picture you can take when gathered with friends and want to have all of you pictured! Or once you are in a romantic place, ask a passerby to take an image of you in an amorous pose. After posting it, all users will think you have a boyfriend ready to capture you with so much love!

The application was launched only a year ago and immediately was ranked as number 1 app for Instagram users in Korea. It’s still highly popular and widespread in the world.

Anyway, after you’ve taken the image in a new interesting pose with the help of this application, you can pass to any filters to edit.