Instagram saves have becomes a point of attention recently and that’s for a decent reason. Since Instagram has launched its test of likes removal, post saves and comments determine how successful a post is. Additionally, Instagram algorithm takes saves as a metric of the content’s quality when pushing it forward to the Explore page. With all this said, it becomes clear that from now on you will need to concentrate more on Instagram saves if you want to grow your account. And if you wonder how, keep up with InstaBF. The latter is a remarkable Instagram and IGTV provider you can trust unconditionally. Here are top tips you will find handy:



Infographic-Style Images


Surely, good quality beautiful images on Instagram are pleasant to watch. But agree that nobody saves them. Instead, educational photos with much information or infographic in style have all the chances to be saved for later. If you post images with captivating or even frustrating information, your followers might wish to check back on later, hence will save for future date.  



Longer and Richer Captions 


Do you remember those days when captions were merely collections of emojis? If not, you shouldn’t even try cause now that won’t work. Nowadays you need to provide your followers with captions that read almost like a mini-blog. This is a true way to getting more saves on Instagram. If you do this, people may feel like reading it over later.



Evergreen Content


You definitely know that Instagram is a giant fast-pace world. The chances of a post to be seen more than once are really very miserable since Instagram values new content above all. To bypass this universal truth, your content should be actual for a longer period of time. Whether it’s a check-list, a year-long calendar of events, a workout tutorial or anything else, make certain it will be relevant not only for today, but also for the upcoming week, month or even year. 



Insta Quotes


A smart Instagram marketer won’t take quotes as merely filler content. In fact, a quote can become a great asset to one’s social media strategy. Instagrammers love to save smart, funny or inspirational quotes to share with friends or simply turn back to when in need of inspiration. Many successful Instagram brands today use quotes both to promote their products/services and engage their followers. 


Posts with Tips and Hacks


We all try out a new hack found on the internet with a special enthusiasm, don’t we? It’s not surprising that educational content (tips and hacks) do very well on Instagram. By sharing working tips you can be certain that it’s going to be saved by multiple users. For instance, if you are beauty brand, do weave tips and tricks to your feed. Your posts will help your audience get to know your products better while learning some new skills – an ideal recipe for a saved post! 



Ask Followers to Save Posts


You must know that a well-written CTA can make wonders. Hence, once you have adhered to all the tips we have mentions above, don’t forget to add a call-to-action in the caption asking your followers to save the post. Surely, you can’t do this on all posts. It should just work as a reminder to your audience that the particular post is worth getting back to later. Besides, this way you let Instagram algorithm know you are sharing valuable content worth appearing on the Explore page.