Do you consider Instagram trends the best tools for targeting the right people? If yes, then this post by InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, is what you need the most since we are going to speak about the most critical Instagram trends for 2020. Want to jump several months ahead and prepare your Instagram marketing for the upcoming year? If yes then stay with InstaBF and find out what to expect and utilize in 2020. 



Focus More on Stories Rather than Posts


You must have known that Instagram stories have taken the entire social media by storm with more than 500 million daily viewers. Agree that this figure is really impressive. Through stories, Instagram users can keep an eye on their friends, family members, and acquaintances. Stories show what products people use, what services they use, which restaurants they visit, etc. Instagram posts, in the meantime, are only about high-definition content. Surely, posts are important, too, yet their power can’t be compared to that of Stories. Instagram Stories have definite privilege over ordinary posts and this tendency seems to only grow. Accordingly, in the upcoming 2020 year, focus more on Stories rather than feeds, since they are shareable enough to drive astounding engagement. 



Augmented Reality Story Filters


Interactive content is going to be the best way of promoting content on this social media platform in 2020. By the way, Instagram has designed a beta program that allows third-party applications to develop individual augmented reality for Instagram Stories. If your brand gets custom filters, your followers will be able to expand your brand’s awareness. So, make use of this new tool and scheme your brand filters in 2020. This will bring you more followers and better recognition across the platform. 



Instagram Stories with Audio


According to the studies, more than 80% of Instagram users prefer Stories with music or voiceover. Additionally, around 60% of Stories are watched with sound on. Hence, if you want your Story ads to perform better in 2020, you’d better turn up the volume of your Instagram once you post a Story. We expect to see more Instagram Stories with sound now and in the future.



Shop Directly on Instagram 


Instagram users could see a clickable link on their favorite brand’s bio and make their purchases from the company’s website. Anyway, nowadays things have changed greatly. In the new 2020 year, Instagram users will be able to shop directly from Instagram thus being transformed from ordinary followers into loyal customers. Next year people will shop with great ease and convenience, hence be prepared to make more sales!



Make the Most of Insta’s Growth Tools


No matter what goals you pursue, by leveraging the growth tools, you will earn more likes, followers and increase your engagement on Instagram. Currently, you can find plenty of such tools to acquire more targeted and genuine followers/customers. Getting genuine followers is a must since a sheer number of followers with no interest won’t be beneficial during the next year. Your business needs traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. Hence, make the most out of any growth tool you will come across in 2020 to improve your brand’s revenue.