Are you a blogger, a photographer, a designer or a creative business owner who seeks ways for being noticed by more clients? Why not consider Instagram as a platform for showcasing your portfolio? Believe us, this is a grandiose way of demonstrating your work, attracting even more clients and gaining even a higher recognition for your artistry. If this sounds attractive to you, InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, will gladly present to your attention several tips on how to promote your portfolio through Instagram.



Make Your Instagram Bio the Cover Letter for Your Gram Portfolio


There are only a few sentences on Instagram that may or may not hook a client once he lands on your Gram account. That’s why it’s so crucial to make a creative bio that will best deliver your passions, goals, and interests. For this, make certain that:

  • your name is displayed clearly;
  • your location is mentioned;
  • there is an active link to your website;
  • you have clearly stated what you do and how clients can benefit by dealing with you. ¬†



Make Your Gram Feed a Little Representation of Your Portfolio 

By landing on your Instagram account, a potential client should understand your style and manner of work. Your entire feed is to encompass and portray your works, showcase your creativity and sphere of work. Here are a few content ideas you could use to make your Instagram feed engaging to clients:

  • your works (art, design, photography, music, influencer promotion, film, or whatever you are engaged in);
  • milestones;
  • a day in the life;
  • announcements;
  • behind the scenes;
  • inspiration.


Keep It Active and Updated


Most probably, before you even signed to Instagram, you heard that consistency is the key element of leading a successful Instagram account. As a rule, it’s recommended to post from three to five times a week. The posts must be original and impressive with nor burnouts! If you can’t create new content so often, make use of the old ones.

It’s a confirmed rule that only the best content must be posted and the feed curated for making an Instagram portfolio look cohesive! And remember, “more is better” doesn’t work on Instagram, stick to “better is better” instead!



Use the Gram Portfolio for Connecting with Communities


After having created a cohesive and professional portfolio on Instagram, use it for getting in touch with clients and other individuals within your industry. For this:

  • use active branded hashtags in your Gram captions;
  • tag other brands in your posts and comment on theirs to interact with them;
  • interact with any client you are connected with on LinkedIn.



Use Gram Stories and Highlights to Stay Connected


Would you like to demonstrate your community involvement yet not ruin the curated Instagram aesthetic you have created? Use Stories and Highlights! Here is who you can showcase your involvement:

  • to engage your target audience in your work, make “behind the scenes”;
  • share with your audience what particularly excites you (promote a shot you have just taken for a certain deal);
  • not forgetting that Gram highlights stay on your page forever, use them to promote the features you consider your future clients should see.


Use these straightforward, yet working tips to build a professional Instagram portfolio, attract new customers and show what you are able to create!