Perhaps every Instagram addict has tried at least once in his/her life creating some spectacular Instagram flatlay like plenty of popular bloggers, brands and influencers do. But how many of us did succeed? In fact, a good flatlay is constructed utmost carefully. Every piece is placed together with a certain purpose to look effortless yet tell a stylish story. In this post, InstaBF wants to share some grandiose tips or secrets that Insta celebrities use for creating really stunning flatlays. But before that, it’s definitely worth to find out how InstaBF can help you with your Instagram engagement rate. Being one of the leading Instagram providers on the market, InstaBF suggests ordering Insta likes, comments, and followers on the most affordable conditions.

However, let’s return to our flatlays and present to your attention nine tips to help you get a success.

The Basic Background

The first thing to consider before creating an Instagram flatlay is the background. The latter should complement the products displayed and not distract viewers from the basic subject. As an option, you can pick up a tabletop, a white cardboard, wooden floorboard, a bench top, a shaggy rug, marble tiles, and even a clean bed sheet. Definitely, some of the mentioned surfaces can be found right in your house.

The Natural Light

There is such a rule for a succeeded Instagram flatlay as to shoot only in the natural light. Hence, organize your photo shooting either in the morning or in the afternoon. Do never use an electric light, as the latter creates shadows and distorts the products’ original colors. Instead, opt for a place in your home or office that is drenched in natural light, such as near a glass door or a large window.

The Space between Objects

There should be some space left between each object. No matter how many products you want to use in the flatlay, it mustn’t be chaotic and cluttered. The space left needn’t be too much, just enough to balance out the shot!

The Theme Chosen

Every flatlay should have its own story that becomes obvious from a mere glance at the shot. This can be traveling, fashion, beauty, food, what’s in your bag, etc. Therefore, make sure all the pieces you have picked not only look harmonious with each other, but also coincide with the chosen theme.

The Right Shooting Distance

The best height for shooting a great flatlay can be described as “from a bird’s eye view”. This means you need to make your shooting from above the layout. If the things are arranged on the floor, your own height might be enough. Yet, if you have laid the objects on the table or bench, for instance, use a ladder or a stool.

The Perfect Template

Instagram has started uploading landscape and portrait images without cropping them, yet the best template for a flatlay still remains the square one. It creates harmony and balance while looking super professional!

The Right Color Palette

Just as you choose a certain theme for your flatlay, choose one color palette and stick to it. This may be hues of blue, earthy shades, pastel colors, etc. Always resist the temptation to incorporate a contrasting color, instead accessorizing the flatlay with white, black or metallic.


Do ever restrict yourself with only one arrangement, but experiment to find out new ones. Be creative to place small items near big ones, or on top of each other. Move things around, shoot the flatlay and only after several tries pick the most beautiful one to post.

The Props Box

If you are fond of shooting flatlays for your Instagram account, you’d better create your own props box. The latter can include books with pretty covers, faux flowers, jewels and beads, funny cups, new and old magazines, a white cardboard or a tile (depends which you prefer the most), cosmetic tubes, watches, glasses you no longer use, and anything else that may come to help and inspire you to create new flatlays later.