Planning to rest while a bunch of work yet awaits you? Agree that being a social media manager is a tough task, as you never have enough time for only yourself. And even if you realize that you deserve that special vacation time at least once a year to get refreshed, energized and re-inspired for further work, you may find it hard to thoroughly abandon your work. What to do? Just check out the several tips by InstaBF, a known Instagram provider, what to do before, during and after your vacation this summer.


Before you Leave for a Vacation

No matter, if you are going to be away for a fortnight or a weekend, your team and community should be prepared for your absence. Hence, you’d better adhere to the following few starting tips:


Scheduling Instagram Content


The first step in preparing for being absent from work is discussing all the upcoming marketing campaigns or anything else concerning your job with your team. The moment you come to an agreement, schedule every content to be posted on a daily basis plus a couple of extra materials in case something goes wrong any previous one. If you are working alone and have no team to post for yourself, make use of any popular Instagram schedulers available today. They will automatically post the content you prepare even without your access.


Appoint Your Temporarily Substitute


No matter how unit and harmonious your team is, it needs a “point person” until you are away. This person (can be a contract worker or a team member) should be competent enough, as well as well aware of your work style to solve any matters or emergencies in your absence just the way you would. And if you are a solo Instagram social manager with no working team, ask a person you rely on to constantly check your posts’ comments, likes, or answer your DM’s, etc.


The Emergency Plan

Nothing can be guaranteed to go the way you plan initially. Hence, even if you are sure on your scheduled posts, a backup plan is a must. It should cover the following four points;


  1. What you understand by an emergency situation;
  2. Who you want to be notified about such a situation and when;
  3. How that person should keep you aware of the issue (a phone call, a coded message, etc.);
  4. What immediate measures the “point person” should undertake before you send a solution message.


During the Vacation

Now, when you have your posts planned beforehand and are ready for your deserved rest, here is what a proficient and responsible Instagram content manager should do during the vacation:


Unplugging Completely


You deserve a good rest with no stressful messages, no checking in with your team, and so forth. Hence, you’d better DELETE or at least log out of all social media applications from your phone; remove any chat apps such as Slack or Google Hangouts; take snaps just for you, and not the Gram!


Set Rules


It’s quite possible that you won’t be able to completely detach from your business accounts in social media. In such cases, set strict boundaries. For instance, check in your Instagram business account just once a day to see how your team works, or how your scheduled posts meet their destination. Limit the time, set ten or fifteen minutes daily on checking your accounts.


After Your Vacation

Now, when you are back refreshed, and filled with new ideas, you need to slowly get back to work.


Don’t Rush Into Working


Do you remember the extra few posts you’d planned before leaving for a vacation? If they weren’t used to cover any emergency, get them to work now. Spend the first few days on setting back into your routine. Do it slowly not to feel overwhelmed.


Regrouping with Your Point Person


Once you are back to your office, regroup with your point person to find out how the things went while you were away. There might be certain serious things you ought to get informed about. If you think the person worked well, share your inspiration and new ideas (if you have some) with him/her.

Remember that even if you are an Instagram business manager who has to be liable 24/7, you have the right to take time off. This will boost not only your health but also your business and creativity!