Much like Facebook, Instagram has moved to algorithmic feed. Therefore, generating more impressive content (the accent is on the photos and videos) becomes a significant issue. And if Instagram provides quite wonderful editing features and built-in filters, sometimes they seem to be not enough for achieving the desired results. If you need a powerful third-party application to seriously raise your Instagram game, you are welcome to InstaBF’s post! Right now we are going to draw your attention to several most powerful and at the same time safe apps to boost your Insta engagement. However, prior to passing to them, we are sure you would like to get a closer look at our special offer – a package of likes, comments, and followers. Order as many of them at a cheap price as you need. Be certain, all profiles are real-looking and won’t cause any suspicion to your account.


BLACK and Camera Noir for Unique Black-And-White Photos

Do you remember the black-and-white filter of Instagram called Gotham? Yes, it was later substituted by other filters such as Inkwell and Moon (only for videos). Neither are of the same quality as Gotham. And if you are a fan of noir photographs and are in a search of a decent application, even if it’s a third-party one, the iOS-only app BLACK is a wonderful choice! The curve tool of the application allows regulating contrasts and tones, while the fade tool can twist shadows. Even though the application is free, the enhanced editing filters will cost an extra fee ($0.99).

Another effective tool for black-and-photos Camera Noir is offered at the price $2.99 and is compatible with Apple devices.


Perfect365 and FaceTune for Perfect Selfies

Do you find your selfies need some improvement to attract followers? If yes, and your smartphone filers don’t satisfy you, we are glad to recommend using the FaceTune (costs $3.99) and Perfect365 (free of charge) applications designed for both Android and iOS devices. In fact, both are amazing tools for airbrushing and smoothing your skin, resizing your face features and even whitening your feet on photographs. You are sure to love your Instagram selfies more with either of them.


Hyperlapse and Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile for Time-Lapses

With absolutely no doubt, these two applications are the bests for those who intend to create time-lapses in their photos to post on Instagram. The first app is iOS based one, while the second app is compatible with Android devices, too. They can successfully speed up/down videos, while the image-stabilization is more than simply decent. By implementing your smartphones gyroscope, the applications can measure and eliminate any shaky frames thus providing perfectly smooth results!


Enlight and Giphy Cam for Extraordinary Photos/Videos

Instagram is a broad platform to express all kinds of emotions! And if you find your followers mostly love your somewhat silly or extraordinary posts, it’s definitely worth to make use of Enlight or Giphy Cam applications. The applications serve as photo editors that can turn any photo into a marvelous modern piece of art!