Using Instagram to direct traffic straight to your website or shop is highly beneficial. And perhaps the most important point in an Instagram profile is the bio. The latter has a direct impact on how people perceive your account at first sight. A successfully composed bio can easily convince viewers to press the “follow” button and eventually redirect them to your platform where you can control their experiences far better than on Instagram. 

Since Instagram allows using only one clickable link in a bio, picking it up should become an important part of your marketing strategy. And if you find you need help, InstaBF is going to introduce several most useful tools to start using right today. InstaBF is a remarkable IG and IGTV provider, but besides that, this service aims to make your experience on the Instagram social network more profitable and enjoyable with the help of useful blog posts. And today we are going to add another significant theme to our blog – the most useful link in bio tools to start using right off. 





This tool is primarily used to create a clickable grid with only one link. The latter can lead to a blog post, product, website, or services page. In this, is not the only option. Viewers of a personalized link created with this tool get the chance to shop the feed. However, it is the only one syncing with Later – another useful third-party tool (and an Instagram certified partner) used for scheduling content. is an amazing option for brands with shoppable products; online publications, blogs and bloggers; as well as businesses that regularly share fresh content. With this tool, tracking advanced analytics, or what traffic posts you make generate on average becomes easy.





If you are searching a means to link to different links through only one generated link, you include in your Instagram bio, Linktree can be the ideal choice. It’s very easy to both register a Linktree account and to manage links. Particularly this feature makes it a good choice for service-based business owners who are not so tech-savvy. 

This tool has both a primary version (free of charge) and a paid one. The latter offers better customization, advanced analytics, and an option of scheduling links. With comparable pricing and a free basic plan, this tool is a good alternative to the previously-described one. 





If you don’t have your website but want to redirect your Instagram visitors to a separate page to get to know you or your brand better, Milkshake can be a nice option. It is used to create landing pages and is widely used by bloggers and influencers. In fact, this third-party tool was set for creators who wish to link their Instagram viewers to their blog posts, YouTube channels, or affiliate pages start from their Instagram profiles. Perhaps the only downside of this tool is its compatibility with exceptionally iOS devices. 





Introduced relatively recently, Campsite works similarly to Linktree. With only one link, it offers numerous URLs to select from in the bio. Besides this, the tool lets you alter your Instagram account with a mini-bio, a new photo, icons to your other sites. You can even add images with all the links mentioned. Just like Linktree, Campsite is a good option if you aim to add more than five links to your Instagram bio. Yet, the customization options in the free plan of Campsite make it a more beneficial choice.