Summer has already hit and if you haven’t yet jumped on the hottest Instagram trends of this year, you should hurry up. And if you aren’t sure particularly what is on trend currently with so many post types, tools, features, and more, we shall highlight the most notable ones right away. But before that, let us inform you that here, at InstaBF, you can order as many likes, views, followers and comments for your Instagram and IGTV account as you want on an affordable basis. 

So, here are the best Instagram trends we have met so far in 2019:



More Authentic Content


Being more “authentic” was one of the top predictions for 2019 and it was justified. You see, all those expertly staged shots are already in the past giving the place to more authentic content. In 2019 more and more influencers and brands on Instagram step out of their comfort zones and appear “bare” in front of their audience. They have turned to share exceptionally unfiltered, honest posts. Surely, curated feeds must still exist as being aesthetic is a sure way of attracting more followers. But remember that showing those qualities of your brand which together with the glossy cover make up your brand you will foster more trusting and deeper connections with your audience. 



Bigger IGTV


A couple of months ago, when we made a post about IGTV and stated it was growing fast and becoming a boom! Well, currently it is already absolutely thriving. Most possibly the reason for such rapid growth is that Instagram has lately made some improvements to IGTV including cross-promoting IGTV videos on Insta feeds, or allowing users to share videos in both horizontal and landscape forms. Nowadays, you can even see influencer partnerships developing on this video platform. 



Stories with Animations and AR Effects


One of the most booming trends of this summer on Instagram are the captivating animated Stories. In fact, it’s quite a good strategy for brands. According to the statistics, most users speed-tap their way through Stories via static images. In the meantime, viewers are more likely to watch a Story till the end once it’s a flashy moving animation. These can be created through some third-party applications (Adobe Spark, Life Lapse, Mojo, Over, etc.).

AR effects, meanwhile make it a great opportunity for brands, artists, and influencers to appear utmost creative in their Instagram Stories.



More Designed Instagram Feeds


Instagram feeds of influencers, brands, and ordinary users appear as super creative in 2019 as never before! All the unique features starting with collages and ending with overlay stickers are widely used to make up fabulous posts. 



Shoppable Instagram Posts


Instagram is a well-working full-fledged e-commerce platform due to the shoppable posts which are already available in 46 countries worldwide. Surely, it’s obvious why this has gone so viral (over one billion active monthly users half a million of which are advertisers). But the new “Shopping” channel implemented on the Explore page makes it even easier to find the necessary brands and posts they make. In 2019 more and more brands have started making shoppable posts and this “fever” appears to boom even more!