For some people, life ends when they get sixty, yet others take everything from their lives even when they have hit their eighty! Everything depends on the worldview and the self-esteem. Here we are going to have a look at five most remarkable and striking grannies you will enjoy following on Instagram! Despite their age, these women amaze with their passion for life, their optimism, and peculiar style! We can’t but admire them and try to remember their images to get inspired by when we get eighty ourselves!

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Iris Apfel

Iris is one of those unique personalities who, despite their age, inspire, amaze and intrigue people. This fascinating woman is a respectable fashion icon, interior designer, and a strikingly smart businesswoman. People love her peculiar style which comes so naturally that it seems to be her own particle. Yet, what people adore in Iris the most is her warm and friendly character. Three years have passed since Carl Apfel, Iris’ husband, died. Yet, people still talk about the admirable love and tender feelings this couple had always had.

Iris Apfel has almost nine hundred thousand faithful followers. Become one of them searching Instagram for @IRIS.APFEL.

Linda Rodin

Linda Robin, the founder of the popular RODIN olio lusso, is also a charming model and a skincare guru. Linda inspires natural beauty and propagates that aging can also be beautiful. Despite her far not young age, this woman looks so classy and elegant that around two hundred thousand Instagram followers can’t pass by indifferently. She regularly posts her and her true pet Mr. Winks’ photos which you can’t but view with a smile of admiration on your face. You can search this granny on Instagram with @LINDAANDWINKS.


Who doesn’t know BADDIE? Perhaps everyone (well, at least in the States) is familiar with this glamorous, utmost lively old lady who is fond of anything that glitters, resembles the gangsta attitude and strikes the eye! At her ninety-eight, BADDIE is an active Instagram user with around 3.3 million users! Get her on Instagram with @BADDIEWINKLE.

Diane von Furstenberg

Who if not Diane van Furstenberg can inspire the youth to be more confident in themselves?! This amazing and multi-talented woman is a style icon, fashion designer, media mogul, philanthropist, and hell knows what else! The thing is that everything she does, she does perfectly! Her life path from a  little girl to a European princess and a highly famous fashion designer is definitely motivating! Right at this moment, Diane has almost one hundred thousand followers. You can find her on Instagram via @THEREALDVE.