Instagram is grandiose for promoting a brand and running a business. One billion active monthly users form a highly beneficial platform for finding a target audience and significantly increasing the number of customers. And if you are already running an Instagram marketing campaign, most probably you are aware of the importance of good SEO. The latter can bring you the necessary traffic. But how can you use the right SEO and stand out in the such a huge crowd of Instagram accounts? InstaBF, your most reliable Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to disclose the benefits of using the Long-Tail SEO.


How to Start


In fact, so that you can use Long-Tail SEO, you need to understand what your followers, readers or clients look for on Instagram. Let’s imagine a certain situation. You own a perfume boutique and run a business account on Instagram. Anyway, it’s not well known yet. I’m a potential client. Shall I want to buy a perfume from your store? Most probably not, unless you offer me the perfume I love at a cheaper price. If there isn’t a certain type of perfume I’m going to buy, I will definitely prefer visiting a stationary perfume shop where I can smell different perfumes and make my choice. Buying a perfume blindfold is something perhaps any buyer will avoid. Accordingly, if you use the following SEO “perfumes online” or “perfumer shop”, that definitely won’t make me your customer. Besides, one doesn’t have to own a bright imagination to understand what a huge number of accounts with the same name there are on Instagram, most of which have already established a good reputation.


So What to Do?


Even if you work hard and earn multiple followers and a high rate of engagement, it will be immensely difficult to keep that position. Then what can you do to turn your perfume boutique followers into real customers? The answer is “be more precise and use Long-Tail SEO”. Getting back to our experiment… I (a potential customer) love Michael Kors Sexy Ruby and previously had a version EDP 100ml. Now, when I’ve run out of it, I’m in a search of a new bottle. Shall I go to a stationary shop or prefer to buy it online at a cheaper price? I opt for the second option (hope your customers will do the same). In this case, I won’t type “perfumes online” in the search bar. Instead, I will type “Michael Kors Sexy Ruby EDP 100ml”. The first few results are sure to be the most accurate and most likely I’ll pick one of them. If you use a Long-Tail SEO for your website or Instagram account, I may land on your page and buy the perfume right from you.


What Is a Long-Tail SEO?


A Long-Tail SEO is a phrase that’s composed of more than three words and exactly specifies the product you plan to sell. Such a SEO will direct you to those customers who are really interested in buying the product you offer. If an Instagram user visits an online perfumes shop just to see what new perfumes there are, he/she is not likely to buy anything. But if one gets to your account with the particular Long-Tail SEO, your chances of selling the perfume are immensely high. You can compare it with hashtags: “hot” hashtags are too trendy to stand out among them, while a bit more specific ones (don’t overdo with it, either) may bring you your target audience.  In fact, Long-Tail SEO is especially effective with online shops.