How You Can Drive Targeted Traffic from Instagram to Your Website

How You Can Drive Targeted Traffic from Instagram to Your Website

Having grown a large and most-importantly engaged following on Instagram is significant for every brand. Yet, if you can’t manage to get them from your Gram’s profile directly to your website, that won’t give you much benefit. Therefore, now InstaBF, the service you can rely on whenever you need to order Instagram or IGTV likes, comments, views or followers, is going to reveal some strategies that will help you drive particularly targeted traffic from Gram to your website. Besides, we’ll find out how you can get more leads to grow your brand.



Driving Traffic from Gram to Your Website


There is only one secret to effectively generate traffic from Gram directly to your websites – creating fabulous content. Instagram is based on posting amazing content. It doesn’t matter if you have adopted a good strategy or have any grandiose ideas. If the images you post aren’t compelling, nothing else will work. The best thing about this is that there are multiple ideas about how you can boost the images you post, you can even engage your audience in a conversation with them. Besides, in case you are a brand that sells software, services or products, the options seem to be endless. Post videos, tutorials, lifestyle images, quotes, etc.



Strategies for Driving Traffic from Gram


If you have managed to collect thousands of followers on Instagram, this means that the content you post is appreciated and people have started to love your brand. Yet, you shouldn’t stop on this but try to lead your followers to your website. How? Here are the most-working strategies:


Using Lead Offers

Unlike LinkedIn or Facebook that provide great advertising options for brands, leading generation from Instagram is a bit harder. For this, get some piece of your content gated that will make people subscribe to your email list to get an access to it. Afterward, create a mobile-friendly landing page to post that content and include the link to it in your bio.



Using Shoppable Posts

Once Instagram introduced the Shoppable posts feature, people got a thoroughly new way for shopping products without any hustle and bustle. Due to it, people can make purchases from the feeds. Therefore, with a small investment, you can use shoppable posts to represent a good opportunity for increasing sales.



Using Instagram Stories

With the help of Instagram, there is already a unique chance to talk directly to your customers. Today this social media looks and feels much more human than plenty of other advertising campaigns. Even more, Instagram Stories make advertisements appear more trustworthy. They don’t have to be professionally made, they feel personal and authentic which makes them that much effective in people’s eyes. Make it possible for your followers to swipe up stories, direct them to your website’s URL or any specific page you want and don’t forget to add the CTA in the story.



Using Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencers have a great power over their followers’ decisions in making purchases. With the help of the latter, great attention can be drawn to any product or your business overall. Today major influencers cooperate with brands only for a flat fee, yet those with fewer followers often agree to free products. Hence, find a couple of influencers (or more if you can afford) that have an audience that is most likely to get interested in your brand, order authentic and organic posts that will make them click on the link mentioned and get directly to your brand’s website.