2019 Instagram Themes to Inspire Brands

2019 Instagram Themes to Inspire Brands

There’s no sense in denying that over years we have met all the same Instagram themes – black and white, puzzle, quote themes, etc. and that all feels a bit yesterday. Creating a downright attractive theme for an Instagram profile requires an artistic approach. And once you start off a blank page with no guidelines, the task will appear even more difficult. So, InstaBF, a remarkable IGTV and IG provider, would like to draw your attention to thirteen freshest IG themes of this year and explain how you can recreate them for your particular brand. Let’s get down to work now:



Golden Minimalism


This Instagram theme catches the eye with its unique elegance and simplicity. It combines structured shapes and soft textures with golden hues enriching a picture’s feel. If you plan to use this theme, it’s recommended to keep the backdrops in white or light colors. This will add a more minimalist feel to the entire grid. For an ultimate effect, a product showcase or a human element should be added.

Golden Minimalism is best for skincare, decor, homeware, beauty, and jewelry brands.



Sunset Tones


This marvelous Instagram theme brings in Autumn vibes, a creative focus on the product, and some glorious natural motifs. In fact, it’s that unique theme, which has a great focus on the color and content curation. If you are attracted by this theme, you are to concentrate on sunset-tone images. This way you’ll get an effortlessly fresh and natural look in your Instagram grid.

Sunset Tones theme is especially appropriate for lifestyle, outdoorsy, fashion, and location-focused brands.



Modern and Clean


In achieving a clean and modern look in your Instagram grid, opt for this particular theme. For this, use light colors with contrast to bright examples. You can use human elements, quotes, and product photos. Generally, the theme works perfectly for light and pastel color schemes. You’d rather avoid patterns. Bold backgrounds and branded graphics are welcome! If you have a branding agency, a design brand or a creative agency on Instagram, Modern and Clean theme is ideal for you!



Textured Beauty


This Instagram theme has a fabulous key feature – it mixes a number of surfaces thus giving a somewhat three-dimensional feel to the grid. To apply it to your grid, mix videos and images in a line of different textures. Particularly which textures to use depends on the brand and industry of the account. Fashion, beauty, and swimwear brands can benefit from Textured Beauty theme in particular.



Colour Pops


The fact that Instagram is a truly very visual platform can be used purposefully. Once you mix black and white images with subtle color pop, some specific elements will be easily emphasized. In the meantime, you won’t affect the overall aesthetics. It can help you showcase your brand color if there’s any specific one.

So, if you wish to replicate Colour Pops theme, get only one color pop on the plain background. Black and white background will work best of all (gray ones will do as well).

Colour Pops theme will look awesome for informative brands, as well as those brands, which share many tips of which have a strong accent on shareable content.