All that You Should Know about #TBT as an Instagram Marketer

All that You Should Know about #TBT as an Instagram Marketer

Have you ever used the hashtag #TBT on Instagram? TBT is currently very popular and is widely used by literally everyone on Instagram – influencers, brands, celebrities, your aunt! If you have no idea about it, you will find this post by InstaBF, a leading IG and IGTV provider, highly helpful. Here we shall reveal the meaning of TBT and how you can use it to the benefit of your Instagram brand. Brands can actively use this hashtag to tell stories, build engagement, raise their brand awareness, and at last just have fun! You see, you just ought to make #TBT posts! How? Let’s have that covered.



What TBT Means


The abbreviation TBT stands for Throwback Thursday. Instagram users use the hashtag whenever they post old images and videos of themselves and their close people for some nostalgic feelings. These don’t have to be merely photos or videos. You can also post audio recordings or even texts. Currently, there are around 500 million posts with #TBT hashtag!



Why You Should Use #TBT


#TBT is widespread not only on Instagram but also on Facebook and Twitter. Hence, using the hashtag, you are accomplishing the following crucial points on these top social media platforms:


  • Increasing engagement


According to the statistics, those brands which have made posts with #TBT registered a 50% more increase in engagement than those who neglected the tag. 


  • Increase audience


Plenty of Instagrammers follow different hashtags. So, once you make a respective post, it will probably appear in their feed. This way you can introduce your brand to a totally new audience. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


  • Boost brand awareness


With a #TBT post, you display clearly who your brand is and where it came from. Use this and tell your brand’s story of origin by sharing old images or videos if you have. Let people discover your brand from a new side. 



How TBT Works


You can use Throwback Thursday in a number of formats which, yet, should all call back to a moment or event in the past. Just keep that in mind whenever you are making a TBT post and your content will work. The most common formats include photos, videos, text, audio. 

Anyway, you should still adhere to some rules for success: 

  • The first crucial element of a #TBT post is sharing the content on Thursdays. 
  • The content you share must be tagged with #TBT, #ThrowbackThursday, or both. 
  • The content must be really old. For an Instagram business or brand, the content must harken back to a different time – not even years, but decades. Ideally, #TBT content is from before the era of the internet. 
  • Share nostalgia-inducing snaps once a week. 



ThrowBack Thursday Ideas


So, if you have decided to integrate #TBT into your Instagram marketing strategy, you will need some great ideas for a start:


  • Location


If you own a land-based business and use Insta just to promote it, it will be great to post your business’ physical location – archival footage. 


  • Employees


Every business is based on its employees. So, use TBT to share images of them when they were young and were first employed by you. These can be original employees, those at work when you incorporated any new equipment then, or images of the company founders. 


  • Customers


Celebrate your customers with a throwback to those of yesteryear. These must be images of your customers interacting with your employees or just brand years ago. 


  • Achievements and milestones 


TBT can also be a great tool to celebrate your achievements during the years and recollect all the hardships you have overcome as a brand. Post images of your first product collection, major events you have had, and the difficult days when something could put an end to your brand but you turned out to be stronger!