Everything You Should Know about Social Mentions

Everything You Should Know about Social Mentions

Are you running a brand with some sort of social presence online? If yes, then you must know how to track the mentions. This can be done from the Insights of your brand’s Instagram account, where you can find information from your brand’s public relations to marketing. Today InstaBF, a popular IG and IGTV provider, suggests looking at social mentions in detail to find answers to the following important questions:

  • What are social mentions?
  • Why is it important to track social mentions?
  • Which tools can help to track social mentions?
  • How to respond to social mentions?


At the end of this article, you will have a clear image of how you can identify the most critical conversations about your business on Instagram and deal with them.



Social Mentions and Their Importance


Every time someone name-drops your brand on Instagram (or any other social network) it is called a social mention. The latter can be as positive so negative. And every time your brand is mentioned on the internet, it shapes the public perception of your brand. Tracking the social mentions, your business can benefit from four main points.

  • If you can identify a PR crisis beforehand and respond to it appropriately, your chances of canceling a PR disaster significantly rise. Just track the conversations going on around your business and post thoughtful responses to settle any issue before it becomes big news.
  • Today brands have their faithful customers on Instagram. Whenever they get a product, you should provide a worthy response. This will increase the likelihood that they will spend more money on your brand the next time.
  • The next aspect of tracking social mentions your brand can benefit from implies using the most commonly given questions, suggestions, and concerns in your content strategy.
  • Remember that whatever you post on Instagram is brand-building. You can capitalize on social mentions by searching for great interactions with customers, re-purposing them and posting on your Instagram account.



How Can You Track Social Mentions?


Perhaps the most efficient way of tracking social mentions is setting up a social listening stream. The four best tools for this purpose are Hootsuite, Talkwalker, Brandwatch, and Hootsuite Insights.



  • How You Can Respond to Social Mentions


In fact, every social mention your brand gets on Instagram is a unique opportunity to benefit. Choosing the right tactic to respond to them, you will win, while missing out any, may lead your brand awareness on Instagram to a collapse. So, here are some tips to make use of:



  • Respond quickly


Responding quickly to mentions by a public figure or a news outlet right on your Instagram feed is a must. The same refers to customer queries. According to the stats, around 65% of consumers expect to get a real-time interaction with their favorite brand. Besides, the quicker you respond to a customer’s complaint, the more your chances are to settle the situation calmly.



  • Be true to your brand voice


If you have employed someone to manage your Instagram account, make sure he/she is well-versed in your brand’s unique voice. Use only simple and clear language, be professional, yet cool!



  • Don’t ever defend yourself


Never respond an angry comment equally. Approach every critique with a positive attitude, do not suppress conversations, don’t get defensive, but try to gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s complaints.



  • Know when to move a conversation to DMs or disengage

Whenever the situation with the Instagram mention involves someone’s personal information, or it becomes more complicated, try moving it to your DM. Meanwhile, when you realize the conflicting person has engaged with your brand just to cause troubles, stop feeding the trolls.