Taking Perfect Instagram Selfies

Taking Perfect Instagram Selfies

Do you always admire the glorious look Instagram stars have in their selfies and even feel jealous from time to time? Surely these divas are delightfully beautiful, but it’s not merely their natural beauty that makes their selfies magnetizing. Let’s confess, the expression of their eyes is captivating, their lips are luscious, their hair looks luxurious while their posture exudes self-confidence. Would you like your Instagram selfies to be as attractive as those of Instagram celebrities? If yes, then we have prepared for you a few tips to adhere to when taking a selfie next time. Be sure, they will help you score tons of likes and an “army” of followers!

Choose the Right Angle

To snap an amazing selfie, first of all, you need to find the right angle. Surely, every face is different and one angle may appear not appropriate for another. Yet, you can get a “universally” perfect angle by tucking down your chin and at the same time tilting your head a bit. This way you’ll get a flattering expression of eyes and your face will look angular.

For taking a fire selfie, meanwhile, it’s mandatory to practice your smile. Don’t forget to raise your eyebrows and tout your lips. A super sexy selfie is guaranteed!

Opt for Natural Lighting

For a healthy and beautiful glow, it’s not mandatory to use expensive concealers or highlighters. A smart use of natural light is what you need. Even if your face is clean with absolutely no makeup, it will glow nicely and look pretty in natural lighting. Fluorescent lighting, meanwhile, will spoil any selfie no matter what makeup you have applied!

Morning Selfies

The best time for taking a selfie for your Instagram account is in the morning. When your face is clean with a fresh makeup, your hairdo is not destroyed by the wind or workouts, and you feel energized after a morning coffee, a marvelous selfie is guaranteed!

Keep the Camera Up

Smiling into the camera straight-on is far not the best posture for taking a selfie unless it’s intended for your passport! Instead, hold your camera a little bit above you to have a less intense and a more charming selfie. This downward angle is amazingly flattering!

Have Your Background Clean

Do you like taking selfies in front of the mirror right in your bedroom like Kendall Jenner, for instance? It’s a good idea until you have a neat background. Remember to make your room, bedroom or any other space in your house tidy before taking a selfie there.

Finding Your Best Filter

One secret successful bloggers share with their fans on Instagram is choosing the right filter and sticking to it. Get that subtle filter which emphasizes your vibe the best, and apply it to every selfie or picture you take. Make use of this advice and you’ll have your whole feed looking cohesive. This is a sure way to get a great fame on Instagram and tons of followers in addition.

Sunglasses: Stunning Accessory for Great Selfies

Do you feel shy when taking a sexual pose for an Instagram selfie? Why won’t you then throw your favorite shades beforehand and only pose your lips? You won’t have to take hundreds of selfies to choose a single succeeded one afterward. Badass sunnies are a pledge for a cool selfie!

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